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Politics Plus: US Lessons for Northern Ireland in democracy
Show Details19min 1s
#TheReset Podcast: "Why can't government do things (anymore)"?
Show Details30min 57s
NI's opportunity lies in attracting new people as well as new jobs
Show Details27min 51s
Siobhan O'Neill on the need to develop "pack leaders" at every level of society in our responses to Covid 19...
Show Details27min 42s
Covid has unleashed a vast global economic experiment
Show Details20min 54s
Strategic response to economic crisis facing those leaving education needed
Show Details24min 20s
Steve Bradley on the future of Derry - #TheReset
Show Details1hr 1min
What does Jürgen Klopp have to do with democratic renewal? #CargoOfBricks
Show Details21min 57s
Fluidity of technological change means cultural industries should be more central than ever
Show Details26min 23s
Richard Ramsey, Chief Economist, Ulster Bank on #TheReset Project
Show Details25min 6s
#InConversation Podcast with Professor David Rooney from Queen’s about renewable energy and electric cars
Show Details52min 44s
#InConversation with Tim Attwood on the life and legacy of John Hume
Show Details50min 16s
Brian O’Neill talks with Greg Keefe from Queen’s about rebuilding our cities and societies after Covid-19.
Show Details1hr 3min
#InConversation - Brian O’Neill talks with Michael McCoy. From the Ormeau Road to Tokyo and other tales...
Show Details45min 36s
#CargoOfBricks 10: Social science can help NI politicians catch up with where the people already are and want to be...
Show Details26min 30s
#InConversation - Brian O’Neill talks with Dr David Suitor about dentistry generally and the challenges of Covid-19.
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#CargoOfBricks 9: From library assistant in Belfast to Smash Hits boss in four years...
Show Details35min 50s
#SluggerTV - Campaign to Extend the Franchise for the Irish Presidency
Show Details30min 31s
#InConversation Brian O’Neill talks with Dr John Moriarty from Queen’s about changes to work patterns during Covid-19.
Show Details41min 11s
#CargoOfBricks 8: Lockdown London and getting kettled outside Downing Street
Show Details25min 55s
#CargoOfBricks 7: Cooperation, looking outwards and maximising Northern Ireland's advantage...
Show Details21min 27s
#InConversation Podcast - Brian O’Neill talks with Adam Turkington from Seedhead Arts about the arts sector in Northern Ireland.
Show Details56min 9s
#Cargo Of Bricks 6: Closing the wealth gap to save the planet
Show Details23min 45s
#CargoOfBricks 5: After Covid can Northern Ireland's politicians continue to lead in other areas of policy?
Show Details27min 49s
#SluggerTV – easing lockdown into what sort of economy + whether Cummings’ trip to Durham has damaged Johnson’s political currency
Show Details30min
#InConversation Podcast with Ellie Francis – The skills shortage in Northern Ireland
Show Details39min 26s
#CargoOfBricks 4: On Ireland's draft programme for government
Show Details24min 52s
#InConversation - Brian O’Neill talks with Andrew Hill about what is going on in America?
Show Details42min 51s
#CargoOfBricks 3: Prof Gary Murphy on government formation in Ireland
Show Details24min 19s
#CargoOfBricks 2: Graham Brownlow on economic recovery from #Covid19 must be long sighted and ambitious
Show Details23min 3s
#InConversation Brian O'Neill talks with David Gavaghan about the economy & society after Covid-19
Show Details44min 11s
#CargoOfBricks 1: Ian Parsley on Northern Ireland's response to #Covid19
Show Details25min 13s
Chris Donnelly on the challenges to education during Covid-19
Show Details56min 26s
Slugger TV – the devolved nations fightback episode
Show Details33min 41s
Slugger TV: Episode 38 - the impact of coronavirus on the local economy
Show Details30min
Slugger TV episode 36
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Slugger TV Episode 35
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Slugger TV: Episode 34
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Slugger TV Episode 33
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Slugger TV Episode 31
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