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#CargoOfBricks: Cooperation, looking outwards and maximising Northern Ireland's advantage...
Show Details21min 27s
#InConversation Podcast - Brian O’Neill talks with Adam Turkington from Seedhead Arts about the arts sector in Northern Ireland.
Show Details56min 9s
#Angrynomics: Governments can close the wealth gap and save the planet
Show Details23min 45s
#CargoOfBricks After Covid's sledgehammer, can Northern Ireland's politicians continue to lead in other areas of policy?
Show Details27min 49s
#SluggerTV – easing lockdown into what sort of economy + whether Cummings’ trip to Durham has damaged Johnson’s political currency
Show Details30min
#InConversation Podcast with Ellie Francis – The skills shortage in Northern Ireland
Show Details39min 26s
#CargoOfBricks Mick Fealty talks to Dr Theresa Reidy about the draft programme for government
Show Details24min 52s
#InConversation - Brian O’Neill talks with Andrew Hill about what is going on in America?
Show Details42min 51s
#CargoOfBricks Mick Fealty talks to Gary Murphy about government formation in Ireland
Show Details24min 19s
On #CargoOfBricks Graham Brownlow says economic recovery from #Covid19 must be long sighted and ambitious
Show Details23min 3s
#InConversation Brian O'Neill talks with David Gavaghan about the economy & society after Covid-19
Show Details44min 11s
Podcast: #CargoOfBricks talks to Ian Parsley on Northern Ireland's response to #Covid19
Show Details25min 13s
Chris Donnelly on the challenges to education during Covid-19
Show Details56min 26s
Slugger TV – the devolved nations fightback episode
Show Details33min 41s
Slugger TV: Episode 38 - the impact of coronavirus on the local economy
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Slugger TV episode 36
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Slugger TV Episode 35
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Slugger TV: Episode 34
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Slugger TV Episode 33
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Slugger TV Episode 31
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