From Humble Salvadoran Origins to The Forbes Technology Council with Luis Madrid | Ep 14

Season 1 | Episode 14
22m | Nov 13, 2023

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How far can your ambition take you 🤔?

Luis Madrid is an IT entrepreneur and artist. He owns a successful IT company in El Salvador, DC NEARSHORE. In the early 2000s, he was already rocking as an IT leader, but his first trip to Texas changed his mind forever 💡. He decided to pursue a new career and become an Entrepreneur.

As every entrepreneur, many challenges happen on his path. And without a doubt, the hardest was to get his first client 😓. However, this journey allowed him to create a company culture and start one of the first fully remote companies in El Salvador and Latin America.

Luis is without a doubt an incredible inspiration for all Salvadorans. And now, it's your turn to discover his latest and greatest one, how he joined the Forbes Technical Council in 2023.

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