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Sharing Your Stories

A unique podcast focus on sharing personal stories from global citizens. They share with you their stories in order to inspire you to reach new highs and discover that the only limit between you and your dreams is YOU.

Are you ready to open your mind and become an Agent of Change?


Breaking Stereotypes. From El Salvador to the Netherlands with Adiel Hercules | Ep 10
Show Details22min 39s
The Life of a Citizen Developer with Gerardo García-Alvarado | Ep 9
Show Details20min 10s
The Art Behind a Humorous Trainer with Przemek Kutnyj | Ep 8
Show Details11min 1s
Can you switch your career and become a Software Developer with Dawid Dutkiewicz? | Ep 7
Show Details8min 53s
Can you become a super developer if you have an artistic background with Rafał Świdziński? 🤔 | Ep 6
Show Details23min 40s
The Journey of a Woman Leader in The Middle East with Vicky Ferrer | Ep 5
Show Details16min 51s
Women in Engineering & Science with Kasia Wojdalska | Ep 4
Show Details9min 6s
Can you become a Stand-Up Comedian in your 70s with Julie Kertesz? | Ep 3
Show Details11min 55s
How to become a freelancer with Anorax Dev | Ep 2
Show Details14min 50s
Can you create your own podcast with Roy Coughlan? | Ep 1
Show Details9min 56s