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Shake Them Ropes is a pro wrestling podcast hosted by Rob McCarron with Jeff Hawkins. Each week, we dive into the top stories in and out of the WWE ring. No match by match reviews with no emotion, but real heat on real stories. Check us out on Twitter @ShakeThemRopes!


STR 457. (Slap)Jackin' in the Wind
Show Details1hr 49min
STR 456. Old Man Hawkins is Now Older
Show Details1hr 48min
STR 455. A Hefty Price to Pay
Show Details2hr 10min
STR 454. Pink Slips and Slipping in Pink
Show Details2hr 1min
STR 453. WrestleMania Review
Show Details1hr 43min
STR 452. NXT Takeover Double Album
Show Details2hr 4min
STR 451. Wrestlemania and NXT Takeover Previews
Show Details2hr 42min
STR 450. Jeff Had a Sweater Vest Phase
Show Details1hr 53min
STR 449. Buy into the Whoop
Show Details1hr 38min
STR 448. You Dropped A Bomb on Me
Show Details2hr
STR 447. Tully FN Blanchard
Show Details1hr 40min
Show Details1hr 42min
STR 445. Winter of Novs Discontent
Show Details1hr 34min
STR 444. Jeff Peacocks About
Show Details1hr 28min
STR 443. Old Men Winning Battle Royales
Show Details1hr 40min
STR 442. Tyler Bate & Switch
Show Details1hr 31min
STR 441. Hammerin Hank
Show Details1hr 9min
STR 440. Scrubso Magoo
Show Details1hr 22min
STR 439. Low Energy Jeff
Show Details1hr 6min
STR 438. Big Rig
Show Details1hr 24min
STR 437. The 2020 Year End Hoobajoob
Show Details1hr 16min
STR 436. Au Jus of Hate
Show Details1hr 24min
STR 435. Impact Comes to STR?
Show Details1hr 45min
STR 434. The Strong Silent Type in History
Show Details1hr 29min
STR 433. Hot Dog Thanksgiving
Show Details1hr 26min
STR 432. Jackalopes Assemble
Show Details1hr 33min
STR 431. Little Conumdrummer Boy
Show Details1hr 22min
STR 430. Emotional Support Tank
Show Details1hr 12min
STR 429. Wild Eyed Southern Boy
Show Details1hr 38min
STR 428. Once More With Feeling
Show Details1hr 30min
STR 427. Vince Loves Crushing Dreams
Show Details1hr 11min
STR 426. Lana Shoots the Leg
Show Details1hr 18min
STR 425. Chris Once Rode James K. Polk
Show Details57min 36s
STR 424. This Episode Slaps
Show Details1hr 53min
STR 423. Love Gun
Show Details1hr 17min
STR 422. Paul is the Walrus, Googoogajoob.
Show Details1hr 24min
STR 421. The Fox and the Hound
Show Details1hr 16min
STR 420. No Weed Joke
Show Details1hr 32min
STR 419. Summerslam/NXT Takeover Preview
Show Details1hr 26min
STR 418. KAM-a-la, Kam-A-la
Show Details1hr 41min
STR 417. Return of the Mc(Afee)
Show Details1hr 29min
STR 416. Kiss the Cajones in the Wheelbarrow
Show Details1hr 40min
STR 415. Ding Dong, Hello?
Show Details1hr 19min
STR 414. The Casio Kid
Show Details1hr 23min
STR 413. You'll Shoot Your Eye Out
Show Details1hr 36min
STR 412. Kairi On My Wayward Son
Show Details1hr 11min
STR 411. Information Please
Show Details1hr 8min
STR 410. Not For the Kids
Show Details1hr 38min
STR 409. The Greatest Preview to the Greatest Match Ever
Show Details1hr 16min
STR 408. Tone Deafness in Troubled Times
Show Details1hr 24min
STR 407. Non-Union Extras
Show Details1hr 8min
STR 406. Memorial Day
Show Details1hr 14min
STR 405. Farewell Becky
Show Details1hr 25min
STR 404. Slippin' and Slidin'
Show Details1hr 39min
STR 403. Did Goliath Play College Football?
Show Details1hr 27min
STR 402. More Like Deep Space Whine
Show Details1hr 12min
STR 401. Snark Week
Show Details1hr 16min
STR 400. Gargano/Ciampa: The Movie
Show Details59min 16s
STR 399. Mania Night 2 Post Show
Show Details58min 52s
STR 398. Mania Night 1 post show
Show Details1hr 7min
STR 397. Wrestlemania Preview
Show Details1hr 16min
STR 396. Prevailing Circumstances
Show Details53min 33s
STR 395. Novy, Don't Take Your Love to Town
Show Details59min 19s
STR Special Edition: Beyond the Mat 20 Years Later
Show Details1hr 19min
STR 394. The Studio Wrestling Boom Hawkins Has Wanted
Show Details1hr 12min
STR 393. Elimination Chamber Preview
Show Details1hr 13min
STR 392. Thank You For Being a Fiend
Show Details1hr 5min
STR 391. Lazy River
Show Details57min 16s
STR 390. Rip City
Show Details1hr 1min
STR 389. Cat Jail
Show Details1hr 11min
STR 388. Jeff Forgets the Biggest Story in a Decade
Show Details1hr 23min
STR 387. Worlds Collide and Rumble Previews
Show Details47min 44s
STR 386. Enter The Dwagon
Show Details1hr 5min
STR 385. La Villa Strangiato
Show Details1hr
STR. 384 End of Winter Break
Show Details52min 37s
STR 383. May Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot
Show Details23min 49s
STR 382. STR Holiday Spectacular
Show Details1hr 41min
STR 381. Scrooge McMahon
Show Details1hr 20min
STR. 380 Currying Favor
Show Details49min 25s
STR 379. I'm Your Puppet
Show Details1hr 16min
STR 378. Blackhearts and Cornettes
Show Details1hr 41min
STR 377. Dakota Cobra Kai
Show Details1hr 4min
STR 376. Black Hats and White Hats
Show Details1hr 22min
STR 375.
Show Details1hr 19min
STR 374. Dimples Carrillo
Show Details1hr 8min
STR 373. Pam's Replacement
Show Details1hr 5min
STR 372. Powerrr Moves
Show Details1hr 11min
STR 371. Notes From The Battlefield
Show Details1hr 14min
STR 370. Broken Garrett Kidney
Show Details1hr 24min
STR 369. Viking Martial Arts
Show Details1hr 4min
STR 368. A Clash Of Champions
Show Details1hr 18min
STR 367. Honest Liars
Show Details1hr 8min
STR 366. The Devil and Jordan Devlin
Show Details1hr 4min
STR 365. Begun the Wrestling Wars Have
Show Details1hr 14min
STR 364. Take Off Your Hoser
Show Details1hr 7min
STR 363. SummerSlam/Takeover previews
Show Details1hr 7min
STR 362. Crime Scenes
Show Details1hr 10min
STR 361. A Sophisticated Episode
Show Details1hr 13min
STR 360. Full Circle
Show Details59min 2s
STR 359. The Hunt Become the Hunted
Show Details53min 35s
STR. Extreme Rules Preview
Show Details32min 29s
STR. Shake Them Ropes Fireworks Spectacular
Show Details51min 35s
STR-2. Wartime Consiglieres
Show Details1hr 13min
STR. Small Town Taker
Show Details38min 38s
STR-2. Mr. Magoriums Wonderful Imperium
Show Details1hr 5min
STR. Stomping Grounds Preview
Show Details33min 46s
STR-2. Praise be upon the Network Shows
Show Details55min 41s
STR. A Half Hearted Effort
Show Details21min 42s
STR-2. Scolding Cold
Show Details53min 15s
STR. Rules of Engagement
Show Details39min 34s
STR-2. Takeover preview
Show Details1hr 3min
STR. Stories We Tell Ourselves
Show Details34min 16s
STR-2. NXT, NXT UK, 205
Show Details52min 6s
STR. Shoots and Ladders
Show Details57min 45s
STR-2. Remember to Forget the Forgotten.
Show Details55min 43s
STR. MITB Preview
Show Details41min 56s
STR-2. The Mendoza Line
Show Details44min 28s
STR. Nothing Positive
Show Details51min 56s
STR-2: Send for the Mansoor
Show Details45min 38s
STR. Staring at Luggage
Show Details57min 40s
STR-2: NXT, 205, NXT UK, News and Notes
Show Details1hr 5min
STR. Pee Wee's Brayhouse
Show Details58min 1s
STR. Shaken, Not Stirred
Show Details1hr 5min
STR: Wahoowa
Show Details55min 26s
STR: Wrestlemania and NXT Preview/Predictions
Show Details1hr 36min
STR: More Like Ornery Lorcan
Show Details57min 57s
STR 330.
Show Details57min 29s
STR 330. Coffey Brothers in Cars Drinking Coffee
Show Details51min 37s
STR 329. The Heating and the Cooling
Show Details45min 12s
STR 328. Lackluster to Blockbuster
Show Details42min 43s
STR 327. Fastlane post-mortem
Show Details1hr 3min
STR 326. Wrong Corner
Show Details43min 56s
STR 325. Break the 4th Wall Down
Show Details47min 32s
STR 324. Grizzled Old Podcaster
Show Details37min 55s
STR 323. I Was Saying Boo-Tista
Show Details58min 36s
STR 322. Tony (Nese), Toni (Storm), Tone (Deaf).
Show Details47min 41s
STR 321. Kofi, NXT, or me.
Show Details45min 11s
STR 320. Urning Money.
Show Details41min 59s
STR 319. Quiet Riott / Elimination Chamber Preview
Show Details48min 14s
STR 318. My Raw Sexual Magnetism
Show Details45min 54s
STR 317. Stay Forgotten
Show Details55min 52s
STR 316. Rumble post-mortem.
Show Details1hr
STR 315. NXT Takeover Phoenix Preview
Show Details37min 5s
STR 314. Royal Rumble Preview
Show Details54min 45s
STR 313. Return of the "Mac"
Show Details57min 24s
STR 312. Life on Lars?
Show Details49min 20s
STR 311. Like a George Harrison Solo
Show Details45min 45s
STR 310. Fredo at the Funeral
Show Details45min 41s
STR 309. WWE 2018 Year in Review
Show Details56min 42s
STR 308. The Fresh Princess Belair
Show Details41min 14s
STR 307. Silent Night
Show Details36min 43s
STR 306. Fresh Start
Show Details48min 3s
STR 305. Tots of Knowledge
Show Details39min 1s
STR 304. Head Cold.
Show Details37min 53s
STR 303. British Wrong Style
Show Details53min 26s
STR 302. Soon To Be Ex-FL
Show Details49min 40s
STR 301. The Vanessa Borne Identity
Show Details1hr
STR 300. Signifying Nothing
Show Details44min 21s
STR 299. Jeff goes to WarGames
Show Details1hr 6min
STR 298. WarGames Preview
Show Details49min 15s
STR 297. The Mighty Quin
Show Details46min 29s
STR 296. Guys in Shirts.
Show Details52min 51s
STR 295. All You've Got
Show Details48min 5s
STR 294. The Cedric Gasp
Show Details44min
STR 293. Everything Evolves...except Vince
Show Details42min 16s
STR 292. Evolution Preview, Wednesday night reviews
Show Details52min 40s
STR 291. Hot Take Tuesday
Show Details41min 2s
STR 290 Too.
Show Details1hr 11min
STR 290. Jam Band
Show Details56min 54s
STR 288. Super Show Dash Down
Show Details1hr 4min
STR 287. Rise of the midcard
Show Details1hr 1min
STR 286. I'm the Bad Guy?
Show Details52min 43s
STR 285. Hell in a Cell Sell
Show Details53min 34s
STR 284. Pumpkin Spice Shake them Ropes
Show Details1hr 6min
STR 283. To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn
Show Details58min 53s
STR 282. Oh my God Becky
Show Details53min 18s
STR 281. WWE NXT and Summerslam Reviews
Show Details1hr 20min
STR 280. WWE SummerSlam, NXT Takeover, Renee Young
Show Details1hr 5min
STR 279: Barrel Roll
Show Details39min 3s
STR 278. WWE TV, NXT Power Rankings, Matt Riddle, The Sinner
Show Details53min 1s
277. Scuzzy
Show Details1hr 17min
276. You didn't bring me along for my charming personality
Show Details57min 42s
275. Mah gawd they killed him
Show Details49min 46s
274. Rob goes solo then Jeff goes solo then Mid Atlantic 6/23/84
Show Details1hr 16min
273. The Future of STR, Braun Strowman's neighbor, WWE TV
Show Details59min 6s
272. WWE TV, Big Cass, Vader, Money In The Bank, NXT
Show Details54min 33s
271. NXT Takeover & WWE Money In The Bank Previews!
Show Details55min 18s
270. Fury of Raw to Fun of Smackdown (And 205 Live)
Show Details41min 19s
269. ...Nice. Wrestling with Jeff and Sempervive!
Show Details1hr 10min
268. Jeff Hawkins' AMA
Show Details1hr 6min
267. WWE TV Rights, Smackdown to FOX, Reckless Speculation
Show Details35min 12s
266. WWE TV Rights, All In, Royal Rumble 2019 Spoilers
Show Details47min 33s
265. WWE Backlash, Road to MITB, Roman Reigns, WWE UK
Show Details43min 21s
264. WWE Backlash 2018 Preview + We're All Children
Show Details43min 46s
263. WWE Greatest Royal Rumble, Superstar Shake Up, McIntyre vs Brock
Show Details56min 57s
262. WWE WrestleMania 34, NXT Takeover, Raw, Smackdown
Show Details1hr 14min
261. WWE WrestleMania 34 & NXT Takeover Prediction Show
Show Details1hr 9min
260. WWE TV w/ Jeff and Chris
Show Details1hr 4min
259. WWE WrestleMania 34 lineup, Daniel Bryan returns
Show Details56min 12s
258. Road to WWE WrestleMania, Raw, Smackdown, NXT, CENA!
Show Details49min 33s
257. WWE Fastlane preview, 205 Live, Spanish Elias
Show Details53min 57s
STR 256: WWE Elimination Chamber, NXT & more!
Show Details1hr 21min
255. WWE Elimination Chamber, Future PPVs, Raw Gauntlet
Show Details1hr 1min
254. Chamber, Fastlane, Mixed Match, 205 Live, MURPHY
Show Details56min 41s
253. WWE Raw Review, 205 Live, NXT & more!
Show Details49min 5s
252. WWE Royal Rumble Weekend Review Extravaganza
Show Details1hr 53min
251. WWE Raw 25, Royal Rumble & Takeover Previews
Show Details1hr 28min
250. Roman Reigns, WWE Mixed Match Challenge, Raw 25
Show Details57min 10s
249. Road to WWE Royal Rumble, Paige Injury, Cody Rhodes "All In"
Show Details52min 28s
248. Mixed Match Challenge, Wrestle Kingdom 12, XFL & more!
Show Details1hr 2min
247. WWE 2017 In Review, 2018 Predictions, Rousey, New Champs
Show Details57min 33s
246. Women's Royal Rumble, Hideo Itami debuts, WWE TV
Show Details49min 20s
245. WWE Clash of Champions Preview
Show Details46min 5s
244. Road to Clash of Champions, WWE TV, Woken Matt
Show Details53min 3s
243. Broken Matt in WWE, Cody Rhodes & Young Bucks All In
Show Details54min 48s
242. WWE Survivor Series, NXT Takeover War Games Reviews
Show Details1hr 12min
241. NXT Takeover, Survivor Series, Paige return, Swagger MMA
Show Details1hr 12min
240. WWE TV Chaos, Chris Jericho in NJPW, Survivor Series
Show Details58min 42s
239. NXT Takeover War Games, The Strowman returns, WWE TV
Show Details54min 40s
238. WWE Releases Emma, Darren Young, Summer Rae
Show Details14min 12s
237. Nia Jax out, Raw attacked, Survivor Series
Show Details46min 30s
236. WWE TLC 2017 Review, Asuka debuts, Angle returns
Show Details36min 47s
235. Bonus STR on TLC, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles
Show Details27min 44s
234. WWE TLC 2017 Preview & more!
Show Details50min 22s
233. Jimmy Jacobs, Neville, WWE TV, ROH Global Wars
Show Details54min 1s
232. Future NXT TV, War Games, WWE Raw & Smackdown
Show Details1hr 1min
231. Enzomania, Too Sweet, EVOLVE, WWE TV, Brad Maddox
Show Details45min 15s
230. WWE No Mercy Preview, Bayley Returns, GLOW
Show Details49min 27s
229. MYC, WWE Raw, Smackdown, NXT
Show Details58min 20s
Shake Them Ropes #228: The Purdie Shuffle
Show Details1hr 27min
227. This episode is bad
Show Details47min 9s
226. NXT Takeover, WWE SummerSlam, Raw, MYC
Show Details47min 45s
225. WWE SummerSlam and NXT Takeover Preview
Show Details58min 31s
224. Dean Ambrose, Summerslam & Takeover first look, GLOW
Show Details53min 47s
223. WWE Raw & Smackdown in depth, GLOW
Show Details1hr 18min
222. Battleground Review, WWE TV, GLOW
Show Details48min 36s
221. WWE Battleground Preview, GLOW, Kurt Angle's son
Show Details1hr 3min
220. WWE Raw, Smackdown, Del Rio, GFW, Broken Hardys
Show Details58min 34s
219. WWE Great Balls of Fire Review, New US Champion
Show Details57min 54s
218. GLOW, WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV
Show Details1hr 4min
217. Women Headline WWE TV, Lavar Ball, John vs Braun
Show Details1hr 4min
216. WWE, NXT TV, Money In The Bank
Show Details58min 24s
215. WWE Money In The Bank Preview, The One Billy Gunn
Show Details58min 44s
214. WWE TV: Raw, Smackdown, NXT
Show Details45min 55s
213. WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Results & Reaction
Show Details40min 1s
212. WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Preview
Show Details1hr 10min
211. Matt Hardy vs Impact, WWE Merch, Best of Sid
Show Details48min 16s
210. WWE Backlash, NXT Takeover Chicago, Jinder Mahal
Show Details1hr 7min
209. WWE Backlash, NXT Takeover Chicago, Tyler Bate
Show Details1hr 5min
208. WWE Injuries, Kings of Leon, The Rock
Show Details51min 27s
207. WWE Payback 2017, Wrestling With Shadows
Show Details1hr 16min
206. WWE Payback, Polls, Robyn, Nakamura
Show Details58min 22s
205. Raw, SD, Broken Matt, Rosey, Bennett and Maria
Show Details1hr 3min
204. WWE Draft 2017, Ruthless Aggression, Mania Weekend
Show Details57min 3s
203. WWE WrestleMania 33 Review, NXT, Raw
Show Details1hr 11min
202. WWE WrestleMania 33, NXT Takeover, WWE/ROH
Show Details2hr 7min
201. Southpaw Regional Wrestling, NXT TV, Takeover
Show Details57min 8s
200. AJ Styles, WrestleMania, Jack Swagger, 200 Episodes
Show Details1hr 8min
199. WWE Fastlane Review, Hardys in ROH
Show Details59min 8s
198. WWE Fastlane Preview, Randy Orton's Fire, Samoa Joe, Hardys
Show Details1hr 3min
197. WWE TV, NXT, Final Top 100 Match
Show Details1hr 1min
196. Emmalina, Cena's milestones, mailbag, nWo, Chicago PD
Show Details1hr 19min
195. WWE Elimination Chamber, Emmalina, Paige, Mania 3
Show Details1hr 2min
194. WWE Royal Rumble Reaction, Raw/SD, Elimination Chamber
Show Details1hr 45min
193. WWE Royal Rumble & NXT Takeover Spectacular
Show Details1hr 17min
192. Kurt Angle WWE Hall of Fame, Royal Rumble pool, Sami Zayn
Show Details53min 9s
191. Wheel of Topics, Kenny Omega, Top 100
Show Details1hr 8min
190. Goldberg, WWE 2017, NXT, Royal Rumble
Show Details48min 2s
189. WWE Awards 2016, Wild Card Finals, TLC 2
Show Details1hr 33min
188. This Week in WWE, Twitter Wars, Punk vs Cena
Show Details58min 39s
187. WWE Roadblock, TNA, Ryder, Iron Man
Show Details57min 6s
186. WWE TLC, Bliss, NXT, Roadblock, Jeff's dating story
Show Details53min 56s
185. WWE TLC, Ellsworth, Sasha Banks, NXT
Show Details55min 6s
184. FloSlam, WWE Survivor Series, Thanksgiving
Show Details1hr 4min
183. WWE Survivor Series, NXT Takeover, HBK Retirement
Show Details55min 49s
182. WWE Cruiserweights to SD, Bayley in Scotland, Top 100
Show Details47min 8s
181. NXT Power Rankings, Strong, WWE Raw, Survivor Series
Show Details47min 53s
180. Hawk on WWE Hell In A Cell, Raw, NXT & more!
Show Details52min 42s
179. Logistics, A BIG THING, Ellsworth, Sasha & Charlotte
Show Details1hr
178. Bouncing Around WWE, Brock vs Goldberg, HIAC & more!
Show Details1hr 1min
177. WWE No Mercy, Sasha Banks, Bret vs Owen
Show Details1hr 10min
176. TNA Sale, WWE, Miz, Ziggler, Eva Marie & more!
Show Details1hr
175. WWE Clash of Champions, Cruiserweights, Hart vs Perfect
Show Details59min 1s
174. WWE Cruiserweight Classic Finale, NXT and Hideo Itami
Show Details1hr 13min
173. WWE Backlash Review, CM Punk UFC Debut, CWC Finale
Show Details1hr 7min
172. WWE Backlash, Punk UFC, PWG BOLA, Razor vs HBK
Show Details57min 58s
171. WWE Cruiserweight Classic, NXT, Owens, Flair vs Funk
Show Details1hr 4min
170. WWE SummerSlam Review, Raw vs SD, The Bet, Freelance
Show Details1hr 21min
169. Full NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2 Review
Show Details56min 8s
168. Paige & Del Rio Suspended, WWE SummerSlam, NXT Takeover
Show Details1hr 16min
167. Ryback, Sandow, Joey Styles, WWE TV and Sid
Show Details47min 24s
166. New Championships, Rusev-Lana, NXT, PWG
Show Details1hr 10min
165. Brand Split Week 1 and Markeia McCarty talks WWE at SDCC
Show Details56min 22s
164. WWE Battleground Live Reaction & Results
Show Details1hr 4min
163. LaToya Ferguson of AV Club on WWE Draft
Show Details53min 41s
162. WWE Draft, Zayn a Cruiserweight, Battleground
Show Details1hr 7min
161. WWE Draft & NXT, Brock Lesnar, Mailbag, Top 100
Show Details58min 56s
160. Raw & Smackdown GMs, WWE CWC, NXT
Show Details1hr 9min
159. Brock Lesnar opponent, Cody Rhodes hoax, NXT Power Rankings
Show Details1hr 1min
158. Gabe Sapolsky on WWE/EVOLVE, Sean Ross Sapp on WWE
Show Details1hr 18min
157. Roman Reigns suspended, Raw, CWC weigh-ins
Show Details58min 15s
156. WWE Money In The Bank Reaction Show
Show Details45min 10s
155. MITB, CWC, TIT Final, Mookieghana on WWE Biz
Show Details1hr 7min
154. NXT Takeover The End Review, Breaking Ground, TA and Tully
Show Details1hr 8min
153. NXT Takeover Preview, Lesnar in UFC, Goldberg, TQOTW
Show Details1hr 20min
152. WrestleWar 1992, The Club, Your Questions & More!
Show Details1hr 14min
151. WWE Brand Split, Live Smackdown, Hogan vs Gawker News
Show Details52min 55s
150. Extreme Rules, WWE Raw, Cody Rhodes, Unforgiven 2006
Show Details1hr 2min
NJPW BoSJ, Hair Battle, TM61 Debut, Mailbag & more!
Show Details1hr 24min
149. WWE Extreme Rules Preview, SuperBrawl 2, CWC
Show Details1hr 3min
148. Creepy Tony Schiavone, WWE Releases, KO Hates You
Show Details59min 12s
147. Rybackonomics, Adam Rose, Match Breaks & more!
Show Details1hr
146. WWE Payback Reaction Show
Show Details1hr 3min
145. WWE Payback, NXT Lowell, Badd Blood, QOTW
Show Details1hr 32min
144. WWE Raw, Finn Balor, Road to Payback, Wyatts vs Shield
Show Details1hr 11min
143. Guns n Gallows debut, WWE Raw, Payback greatness
Show Details1hr
142. Jeff in Dallas, NXT, WrestleMania, WWE Raw
Show Details1hr 20min
STR / VOW Live: WWE WrestleMania 32 Reaction Podcast
Show Details1hr 37min
STR / VOW Live: NXT Takeover Dallas Reaction Podcast
Show Details55min 21s
141. WWE WrestleMania 32 Preview & Predictions
Show Details1hr 16min
140. Undertaker's motivation, Raw, STR Theatre, Rock vs Hogan
Show Details1hr 3min
139. WWE Raw, RoadBlock, ECW 1998, Match Madness
Show Details59min 3s
138. Rob Guesses Raw, WWE Roadblock, Vegas & more!
Show Details55min 40s
137. WWE Roadblock, Undertaker's motivation, Raw & more!
Show Details1hr 9min
136. Shane McMahon returns, WWE vs Raw?, Foley vs HBK
Show Details57min 1s
135. WWE Fastlane Live Reaction Show
Show Details1hr 2min
134. WWE Fastlane, Global Cruiserweight Series, Titus & Barrett leaving?
Show Details58min 59s
133. Daniel Bryan Retires, Titus O'Neil Suspended, Axl Rotten, WWE
Show Details55min 13s
132. Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles, WWE Fastlane, TLC 2012
Show Details53min 56s
131. AJ Styles, WWE Raw fallout, HBK vs HHH from SS 2002
Show Details57min 36s
130. WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Live Reaction
Show Details1hr 18min
129. WWE Royal Rumble Preview Extravaganza
Show Details1hr 10min
128. Becky Lynch, Brock, Austin vs Rock, Rumble theories
Show Details1hr
127. WWE raiding NJPW? AJ Styles' future, Roman Rumble, Taker vs Mankind & more!
Show Details1hr 6min
126. Vince, NXT Power Rankings, Vader vs Flair Starrcade 1993
Show Details1hr 20min
125. Christmas Mailbag Show!
Show Details1hr 11min
124. Jeff Guesses WWE Raw, KO Hates You, SD Ironman Match
Show Details1hr 7min
123. NXT Takeover: London Reaction Show
Show Details54min 8s
122. WWE TLC 2015 Reaction Show w/ Dylan Hales
Show Details1hr 44min
121. WWE TLC Preview, NXT Power Rankings, STR Theatre returns!
Show Details1hr 12min
120. NXT Power Rankings, WWE Raw, Cena vs Bryan 2013
Show Details1hr 23min
119. WWE Survivor Series Reaction Show Live
Show Details1hr 2min
118. Dave Meltzer on WWE Survivor Series 2015, La Sombra, Austin Aries, TNA, PWG & more
Show Details1hr 50min
117. WWE Raw, Paige WTF, Vader vs Sting, Future Guests
Show Details1hr 10min
116. WWE Title Tournament, Match #56, NXT and Kevin Owens Hates You
Show Details1hr 17min
115. Randy Orton injury, WWE Raw, Breaking Ground, Match #57
Show Details1hr 8min
114. Roman Rises, WWE Breaking Ground, NXT, Match #58
Show Details1hr 4min
113. WWE Hell In A Cell Reaction Show
Show Details1hr 3min
112. WWE Hell In A Cell preview, Breeze rumors, WWF vs Alliance 2001
Show Details1hr 28min
Jeff Jarrett on his wrestling future, Gabe Sapolsky on Sami Zayn to EVOLVE, plus Raw, NXT and more!
Show Details1hr 20min
NXT Takeover: Respect Reaction Show
Show Details1hr 2min
NXT Takeover: Respect preview, Match #61, Raw & more
Show Details1hr 20min
WWE MSG Preview, The New Day, Live Streams return & more!
Show Details53min 2s
That Paige promo, Kane returns, NXT TV, Cactus Jack vs Sting
Show Details1hr 7min
WWE Night of Champions 2015 Post Show!
Show Details54min 9s
WWE Night of Champions Preview, Bryan vs Ziggler, NXT (STR)
Show Details1hr 12min
Explain Like I'm 5, WWE Supercard, Raw, and Canadian Stampede 1997!
Show Details53min 2s
PWG BOLA Live Reaction, Samoa Joe, DMCA Victory (STR)
Show Details1hr 12min
Les Moore & Sealia Bloom on WWE, Divas, Sasha Banks & more
Show Details1hr 20min
WWE SummerSlam 2015 Reaction Show w/ Dylan Hales (STR)
Show Details1hr 36min
STR 100: WWE SummerSlam & NXT Takeover w/ Markeia McCarty!
Show Details1hr 22min
STR 99: Copyright claims, Austin vs HHH - No Way Out 2001
Show Details1hr 2min
STR 98: Memories of Rowdy Roddy Piper
Show Details1hr 4min
STR 97: Divas Revolution, Hulk Hogan, Match #69
Show Details59min 5s
STR 96: Everybody Get Dangerous
Show Details1hr 9min
STR 95: WWE Battleground Reaction Show
Show Details53min 52s
STR 94: NXT Women Invade Raw, WWE Battleground Preview
Show Details1hr 19min
STR 93: Tyrus (Brodus Clay) joins, WWE Beast In The East Review
Show Details2hr 7min
STR 92: WWE Raw, WWE in Japan, Rey Mysterio
Show Details1hr 15min
STR 91: Who will replace Jamie Noble!?
Show Details52min 53s
STR 90: Kevin Owens powerbombs MGK, TNA weirdness, Austin vs Steamboat
Show Details1hr 2min
STR 89: WWE Money In The Bank Reaction Show
Show Details51min 55s
STR 88: WWE Money In The Bank, NXT, WWE EVOLVE'ing
Show Details1hr 10min
STR 87: Raw, Money In The Bank, Y2J vs HBK WM19
Show Details58min 37s
STR 86: WWE Elimination Chamber Reaction Show
Show Details55min 40s
STR 85: WWE Elimination Chamber Preview, NXT, Match 77
Show Details1hr 9min
STR 84: NXT Takeover and a huge debut
Show Details51min 55s
STR 83: WWE Payback Reaction, NXT Takeover Preview
Show Details1hr 2min
STR 82: WWE Payback Preview, Chamber, NXT, Flair for the Gold
Show Details1hr 3min
STR 81: WWE Raw, NXT, Sami Zayn, Bryan vs Sheamus
Show Details1hr 1min
STR 80: WWE King of the Ring, NXT, Match 80
Show Details1hr 3min
STR 79: WWE Extreme Rules with DylanWaco
Show Details1hr 13min
STR 78: Todd Martin on WWE Extreme Rules, NXT
Show Details1hr 8min
STR 77: NXT TV, Dana Brooke, Raw, Extreme Rules
Show Details53min 14s
STR 76: WCW WrestleWar 1991, WWE Raw, Cena, Syfy
Show Details55min 28s
STR 75: WWE Raw, WWE Network Shows, NXT, PWG
Show Details1hr 5min
STR 74: WWE Wrestlemania 31 Live Reaction Show
Show Details1hr 14min
STR 73: NXT San Jose Review, Wrestlemania Weekend Update
Show Details46min 14s
STR 72: WWE WrestleMania 31 Preview Show
Show Details1hr 23min
STR Wrestlenomics w/ Chris Harrington (Mookieghana)
Show Details1hr 38min
STR 71: WWE Raw, Jimmy Jacobs, ECW Match 84
Show Details1hr 5min
STR 70: WWE Raw, NXT Live in Columbus, Match 85
Show Details2hr 7min
STR 69: Jon Stewart on Raw, Samoa Joe in NXT, SummerSlam 2011
Show Details1hr 3min
STR Interview: Gabe Sapolsky on EVOLVE 38, WWNLive
Show Details31min 33s
Show Details1hr 5min
STR 67: WWE Fastlane Live Reaction Show
Show Details59min 42s
STR 66: NXT Live, WWE Fastlane Preview
Show Details1hr 19min
STR 65: Mixed Reactions to Bryan, NXT Takeover Rival Preview
Show Details1hr 2min
STR 64: Raw is Reigns, Daniel Bryan, NXT Fatal 4Way
Show Details1hr 2min
STR 63: Raw is Weather, NXT TV, plus your questions!
Show Details1hr 18min
STR 62: WWE Royal Rumble Live Reaction
Show Details1hr 18min
STR 61: Royal Rumble with Todd Martin
Show Details1hr 25min
STR 60: So Many Promos, Shield vs Hell No and Orton
Show Details1hr 5min
STR 59: WWE, The Ascension, Luger vs Flair
Show Details1hr 12min
STR Extra: Guests - Jeff Jarrett, Dylan Hales
Show Details1hr 53min
STR 58: 2014 Shake Them Ropes Awards
Show Details1hr 18min
STR 57: Lots of NXT, Ambrose, Hogan vs Andre
Show Details58min 37s
STR 56: WWE TLC, Charlotte vs Natalya and Sasha Banks
Show Details1hr 6min
STR 55: NXT Takeover [R]Evolution Live Reaction
Show Details53min 12s
STR 54: WWE TLC, NXT Takeover Previews
Show Details1hr 25min
STR 53: Cesaro Buried Dead and ECW Barely Legal 6 Man
Show Details1hr 25min
STR 52: Raw, Live Smackdown Thoughts, DDP vs Goldberg Havoc 1998
Show Details1hr 1min
STR 51: WWE Survivor Series Recap with Major Debut
Show Details1hr 30min
STR: WWE Survivor Series Predictions
Show Details1hr 11min
STR: The Ryback Show, WWE Raw, Finn Bálor NXT Debut
Show Details1hr 28min
STR: WWE, Randy Orton, NXT and NJPW in the US
Show Details1hr 1min
STR: Chris Harrington on WWE Biz; NXT, Raw
Show Details1hr 29min
STR: WWE Hell In A Cell Live Reaction Show
Show Details1hr 2min
STR: WWE Hell In A Cell Predictions
Show Details1hr 6min
STR: Yes, We Talk Brad Maddox
Show Details1hr 4min
STR: Nick Dinsmore
Show Details35min 21s
STR: Robs HOF Ballot, Rock-Rusev Thoughts
Show Details1hr 7min
STR: WWE Performance Center Visit
Show Details1hr 10min
WON Hall of Fame: Sting's Candidacy
Show Details59min 54s
STR: WWE Night of Champions, Raw, NXT
Show Details42min 12s
STR: Night of Champions, NXT, Raw is Football
Show Details1hr 24min
STR: WWE Raw, NXT Takeover, CM Punk in HOF
Show Details1hr 38min
STR: The Divas of Our Lives
Show Details1hr 18min
STR: Super Cena Is Back!
Show Details1hr 12min
STR: WWE SummerSlam Fallout
Show Details1hr 40min
STR: WWE SummerSlam Preview Roundtable
Show Details53min 23s
STR: Heyman DVD Review & WWE Raw
Show Details1hr 10min
STR 8/5: Hogan Bash = Sting Debut?
Show Details1hr 4min
STR 7/31: Chris Harrington & WWE Q2 Results
Show Details1hr 50min
STR 7/29: The Best Non-Wrestler Debate
Show Details1hr 11min
STR 7/22: Arrest of Stephanie McMahon
Show Details1hr 16min
STR 7/17: Battleground Predictions!
Show Details1hr 21min
STR 6/29: MITB Live Reaction Post-Show
Show Details1hr 9min
STR 6/24: MITB Predictions, Raw, and Indie Talk
Show Details1hr 20min
6/16/14: Raw is Interference & Vomit
Show Details57min 23s
STR 6/12/14: WWE Releases Eleven
Show Details59min 38s
STR 6/10/14: MITB, Raw, and Sandust?
Show Details49min 9s
STR 6/2/14: Big Dave Quits
Show Details59min 6s
STR 6/1/14: Payback Recap of Fun!
Show Details1hr 1min