mental health ramblings from scout sobel who lives with bipolar disorder but also finds purpose & fulfillment through entrepreneurship to live her highest life. every tuesday & thursday.


celebrating the micro wins in life & moments of happiness - don't forget them!
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i was addicted to my depression...are you addicted to yours?
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how to get through challenging times & allowing space for emotional processing
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the beauty of rituals & how i incorporate them into my daily life
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CHECK-IN: Stages of Enlightenment Inspired by Wayne Dyer, Committing to a Positive Ripple Effect for the Universe, & Spiritual Ramblings
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INTEGRATION: The New Changes In My Life & Why The Work Is Worth It
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CHECK-IN: The Emotional Process Behind My Move and the Grounding Arrival of My Healing Journey
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SELF-AWARENESS: How to Cultivate It & Bring Yourself to Acceptance
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ACCEPT THE GOOD: How to Find More Joy in Your Life
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EMOTIONAL INDEPENDENCE: How to Believe In Yourself, Connect With Your Root Chakra, and Find Your Strength
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PIVOTING: Why It's Okay if Your Career Isn't Linear
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EMOTIONAL PAIN? Get Your Return on Investment
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A Conversation With My Life Coach - Behind the Scenes of Our Work Together
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WELLNESS: What it Means to Me: The Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual
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Listen to This If You Are Depressed or Anxious
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ROUTINES: Morning & Night Routines and How to Cultivate One of Your Own
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CHECK-IN: Limiting Beliefs, New Narratives, Chakras, & Putting My Tools To The Test
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HOW TO START: Want to Start a Business or Content Creation Platform?
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CHOICES: Simplifying Your Choices So That You Can Create Your Own Destiny
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SCOUT'S AGENCY: How I Started My Business, Scaled to a 6 Figure Revenue, and Garnered Up Dream Clients
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MY ENTREPRENEURIAL JOURNEY: From Having Halsey on the Cover of My Magazine to Running Scout's Agency
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CHECK-IN: I Needed to Talk to Myself - to Remind Myself That I Am Strong
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FAITH: My Relationship to Faith & How to Surrender to a Power Greater Than Yourself
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ANXIETY: 5 Ways to Heal Your Anxiety
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CURATE YOUR LIFE: How to Set the Mood For More Delight, Love, and Joy
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CHECK IN: How I Moved Through My Depression This Week
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FEMININE ENERGY: A Spiritual Breakthrough Documented on the Podcast
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GOALS: How to Set Goals Through 3 Steps
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LOVE YOURSELF: How to Build Confidence, Celebrate Your Wins, and Believe in Yourself
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STANDARDS: How to Set a Better Standard for Your Life Starting Today
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UNCERTAINTY: How to Have a Thriving Mindset, Lean Into What You Can Control, and Where to Find Inspiration During Tough Times
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WELCOME: Living With Bipolar Disorder, Running My Own Business, & What Is to Come With This Podcast!
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