Hi loves! I am Scout Sobel (@scoutsobel) and I merge entrepreneurship with mental health so that women can take control of their lives, find daily fulfillment, and build a business they have been daydreaming about.

I am the founder of Scout's Agency, which I built to a six figure revenue in our first year, and the co-host of the Okay Sis Podcast (hi sisters!). I also struggle from a severe case of bipolar disorder which is why I am here - to chat mindset, mental strength, business, designing your dream life, how to focus on your goals, and wake up everyday grateful and emotionally strong.


Listen to This If You Are Depressed or Anxious
Show Details13min 56s
ROUTINES: Morning & Night Routines and How to Cultivate One of Your Own
Show Details16min 45s
CHECK-IN: Limiting Beliefs, New Narratives, Chakras, & Putting My Tools To The Test
Show Details17min 1s
HOW TO START: Want to Start a Business or Content Creation Platform?
Show Details17min 22s
CHOICES: Simplifying Your Choices So That You Can Create Your Own Destiny
Show Details18min 16s
SCOUT'S AGENCY: How I Started My Business, Scaled to a 6 Figure Revenue, and Garnered Up Dream Clients
Show Details26min 34s
MY ENTREPRENEURIAL JOURNEY: From Having Halsey on the Cover of My Magazine to Running Scout's Agency
Show Details30min 9s
CHECK-IN: I Needed to Talk to Myself - to Remind Myself That I Am Strong
Show Details13min 53s
FAITH: My Relationship to Faith & How to Surrender to a Power Greater Than Yourself
Show Details14min 15s
ANXIETY: 5 Ways to Heal Your Anxiety
Show Details15min 20s
CURATE YOUR LIFE: How to Set the Mood For More Delight, Love, and Joy
Show Details15min 2s
CHECK IN: How I Moved Through My Depression This Week
Show Details13min 24s
FEMININE ENERGY: A Spiritual Breakthrough Documented on the Podcast
Show Details11min 43s
GOALS: How to Set Goals Through 3 Steps
Show Details18min 19s
LOVE YOURSELF: How to Build Confidence, Celebrate Your Wins, and Believe in Yourself
Show Details24min 54s
STANDARDS: How to Set a Better Standard for Your Life Starting Today
Show Details19min 19s
UNCERTAINTY: How to Have a Thriving Mindset, Lean Into What You Can Control, and Where to Find Inspiration During Tough Times
Show Details21min 52s
WELCOME: Living With Bipolar Disorder, Running My Own Business, & What Is to Come With This Podcast!
Show Details16min 47s