Hi loves! I am Scout Sobel (@scoutsobel) and I merge entrepreneurship with mental health so that women can take control of their lives, find daily fulfillment, and build a business they have been daydreaming about.

I am the founder of Scout's Agency, which I built to a six figure revenue in our first year, and the co-host of the Okay Sis Podcast (hi sisters!). I also struggle from a severe case of bipolar disorder which is why I am here - to chat mindset, mental strength, business, designing your dream life, how to focus on your goals, and wake up everyday grateful and emotionally strong.


SCOUT'S AGENCY: How I Started My Business, Scaled to a 6 Figure Revenue, and Garnered Up Dream Clients
Show Details26min 34s
MY ENTREPRENEURIAL JOURNEY: From Having Halsey on the Cover of My Magazine to Running Scout's Agency
Show Details30min 9s
CHECK-IN: I Needed to Talk to Myself - to Remind Myself That I Am Strong
Show Details13min 53s
FAITH: My Relationship to Faith & How to Surrender to a Power Greater Than Yourself
Show Details14min 15s
ANXIETY: 5 Ways to Heal Your Anxiety
Show Details15min 20s
CURATE YOUR LIFE: How to Set the Mood For More Delight, Love, and Joy
Show Details15min 2s
CHECK IN: How I Moved Through My Depression This Week
Show Details13min 24s
FEMININE ENERGY: A Spiritual Breakthrough Documented on the Podcast
Show Details11min 43s
GOALS: How to Set Goals Through 3 Steps
Show Details18min 19s
LOVE YOURSELF: How to Build Confidence, Celebrate Your Wins, and Believe in Yourself
Show Details24min 54s
STANDARDS: How to Set a Better Standard for Your Life Starting Today
Show Details19min 19s
UNCERTAINTY: How to Have a Thriving Mindset, Lean Into What You Can Control, and Where to Find Inspiration During Tough Times
Show Details21min 52s
WELCOME: Living With Bipolar Disorder, Running My Own Business, & What Is to Come With This Podcast!
Show Details16min 47s