Supernatural With Robin

Supernatural with Robin is a podcast about living the Supernatural life with a touch of politics, offgrid living, with helpful hints and tips for authors. We believe the Supernatural should be natural!

This is about my supernatural journey walking in the supernatural things of God, while building a skoolie (bus conversion), living in a tiny house offgrid with a touch of politics. I am an author of over 50 books mostly on the supernatural things of God, Courts of Heaven, Communion, Angels and so on... I am also a publisher and promoter and help others in the publishing process.

I am a spirit filled Christian that believe the supernatural should be natural. I live simple mostly off grid on 5 aces in Oklahoma with 2 dogs and 2 cats and my husband of almost 35 years. We play ice hockey together with our 32 year old son. I love ice hockey!


4 Steps to Success in the Courts of Heaven
Show Details17min 33s
How to Move forward in Using the Courts of Heaven if Your Stuck
Show Details12min 4s
Introduction to the Courts of Heaven- What do you do?
Show Details21min 14s
How to see in the Spirit
Show Details23min 25s
Prayer & Power for Kids in Prison
Show Details14min 10s
Laughter, Gold Dust, Shaking, Drunk, is this God?
Show Details18min 44s
YOU Are a Supernatural Being
Show Details22min 12s
Angels & Your Imagination
Show Details33min 37s
Use the Scriptures to Command Your Angels
Show Details18min 35s
Proof That We Are to Command our Angels
Show Details20min 46s
How to Command Your Angels
Show Details21min 51s