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Empower Thru

Motivational podcast led by Riah Creisson, Personal and Professional Development Coach & Consultant of Empower Thru Consulting, London, United Kingdom.

Riah coaches both individuals pursuing personal success or freedom, self development and self improvement. Because she has a strong business/organizational/HR business she also coaches and challenges individuals with leadership development and business strategy. Especially relating to HR Development and Management within the organizational context.

This podcast however, aims to motivate the minds and hearts of the individuals she coaches as well as the listeners. Riah states, "it doesn't matter in which context a person is operating, personal, professional or organizational...it's ALWAYS personal!" And Riah will be launching her book explaining why she thinks that is in the early part of this year. That's why she hopes this podcast speaks to all, regardless of their title or status. This podcast is designed to speak first, to the personal in you.