How we look at possibilities will reveal to us how we look at life. We are either looking at life as a glass half full or a glass half empty. Naturally it is hoped that we are always looking at life like a glass half full. But when we think of possibilities it is 'possible' that we do it with a negative view. Thinking only of what could go wrong rather than what could go right! And when that view is co-signed by other people who are looking at life as a glass half empty we get comfortable with our lack of exploring the new, the never tried and justifying it to ourselves and others because we have company in our 'misery'.

    Ellen Langer encourages us in her quote to not only look at the positive things exploring possibilities could add to our lives but to embrace them. Here is my quick motivational break down of this quote in my understanding which I am sharing with you to hopefully inspire you to embrace the possibilities and opportunities you have been neglecting in your life!

    Riah Creisson

    Coach & Consultant

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    2m - Feb 3, 2022

    Some people, a few, often get confused about whether the word 'goals' is an a noun or a verb and actually a lot of us, despite it being such an important part of our personal, career/professional and/or even business/organizational plan for success! We ought to know exactly which typing the word is in relation to our plan for success. Putting the debate aside between whether it is a noun or a verb, I offer that it is both. And this might be a crime against the purists of the English language. I say it is both because when we think about our goals is it not true that we are focused on them? This I believe is what the majority of us think also. In which case the word takes on the noun type word.

    But this kind of thinking can also be what holds us back in our pursuit of success. We think and don't follow with action. Action as in action like a verb. This is a very necessary part of completing and achieving our goals. The just thinking about them does not really take us far and then we feel like the journey to our goals is too slow and aren't doing anything for us. But it is we ourselves who must 'do' something. We must remember that goals are verbs too and we must look at what must be 'done' so that we can achieve them.

    Hope you enjoyed today's podcast from Riah Creisson, Coach, at Empower Thru Consulting in London, UK.

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