• 002: The Truth Will Heal the Divide - Bobby’s Launch Speech Part I from Boston

    Matthew Tower and Lori Spencer discuss Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Presidential campaign launch speech! Matthew was on the ground in Boston, and reports back on the energy and experience. This is the first of a two-part series covering the historic kick-off.

    Topics covered:

    • Telling The Truth will Heal America’s divisions
    • Nov 22 1963 and implications for USA democracy today
    • The need for systemic change, not just a new person in the White House
    • Bobby’s campaign will catalyze healing and closure for the 1960s generation
    • “To end the corrupt merger of state and corporate power”
    • Covert American Fascism today?
    • How Kennedy family history intersects with American history
    • Escaping the Operation Mockingbird Matrix
    • We must be Americans and transcend political tribes
    • The government used to tell the truth… and will again
    • Sacralizing nature
    • Bobby can be a true Environmental President
    • Restoring the fairness doctrine in the media
    • Mainstream media ignores Bobby
    • Can free market capitalism give way to fair market capitalism?
    • Bobby’s ultimate power is Love
    • Matt Orfalea’s Who Blew Up Nord Stream video

    Stay Tuned: In our next episode we’ll cover lockdowns, the war in Ukraine, and the rest of Bobby’s speech.

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    Special guest Lori Spencer is an independent JFK historian, journalist, and co-host of Maverick News.

    Recorded April 20 2023 on a live Twitter Space. Edited for clarity and brevity. 

    This podcast is independent from and doesn’t speak for Kennedy24.com. To sign up, volunteer, and/or contribute funds visit Kennedy24.com.

    1h 3m | May 9, 2023
  • 001: Real Hope and Real Change

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President in 2024! On the debut episode, Matthew Tower and Lori Spencer discuss the historic campaign’s potential to catalyze systemic, revolutionary change.

    We review Lori’s four primary reasons to support RFK Jr. for President:

    1) Freeing Julian Assange;

    2) Prosecuting Fauci, Gates, and their associates;

    3) Ending government secrecy, and revealing the truth about both JFK and the CIA’s collaboration with Nazis; and

    4) Ending USA’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

    We contextualize Bobby’s campaign in the history of his uncle, President John F Kennedy, and his father Robert F Kennedy’s Presidential campaign. We discuss the relevance of important works of history such as David Talbot’s The Devil’s Chessboard and James Douglass’ JFK and the Unspeakable.

    Questions we explore include:

    What are the lessons of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and how are those lessons still relevant to today’s Ukraine Crisis? Is the U.S. government lying to the American public about the war, and what’s the motivation? What should the American people do to hold President Biden accountable, who claims that we are at the highest risk of ‘Nuclear Armageddon’ since the Cuban Missile Crisis, but refuses to negotiate with the President of Russia? How can the American people transform good guy/bad guy mental frameworks into a worldview based on conflict resolution?

    Robert F Kennedy Jr’s campaign is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dismantle the intersection of corporate, military, state, and media power that has turned the United States into a covert ‘loose fascism,’ as Matthew describes it, and restore genuine democracy. Bobby is a living profile in courage––what can we do to help?

    The ‘tiny ripple of hope’ Bobby’s father spoke of is alive and well in his son’s campaign for Real Hope and Real Change.

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    Special guest Lori Spencer is an independent JFK historian, journalist, and co-host of Maverick News.

    Recorded April 17 2023 on a live Twitter Space, two days prior to Bobby’s historic launch speech in Boston. Edited for clarity and brevity. Audio quality will be improved in future episodes.

    This podcast is independent from Kennedy24.com and doesn’t speak for the campaign.

    1h 42m | Apr 18, 2023
RFK All The Way: Robert F Kennedy Jr for President