S3E1 What Can Be Done With Generative AI?

Season 3 | Episode 1
1h 7m | Jun 9, 2023

What’s the buzz on everyone’s mind in retail right now? Yes, it’s Generative AI! Taking the industry by storm, but exactly what can you do with generative AI that’s so transformative for retailers and brands? We break it down in what’s likely the most grounded discussion you could hear today on this topic with two special guests: our Retail Avenger, Shish Shridhar, Global Retail Lead at Microsoft for Startups, and Michelle Bacharach, CEO of FindMine. We cover the use cases for today and tomorrow, plus we go deep on the caveats and risks you should know before you dive in headfirst to this amazing technology.

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Meet your hosts, helping you cut through the clutter in retail & retail tech:

Ricardo Belmar, a RETHINK Retail Top Retail Influencer for 2023, 2022 & 2021, RIS News Top Movers and Shakers in Retail for 2021, advisory council member at George Mason University’s Center for Retail Transformation, and director partner marketing advisor for retail & consumer goods at Microsoft.

Casey Golden, CEO of Luxlock, and RETHINK Retail Top Retail Influencer for 2023. Obsessed with the customer relationship between the brand and the consumer. After a career on the fashion and supply chain technology side of the business, now slaying franken-stacks and building retail tech!

Includes music provided by, featuring Overclocked and E-Motive, from the album Beat Hype, written by Hestron Mimms, published by Imuno. 

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