• Jollof rice, the power the subconscious mind and preserving our energy

    I discuss how to tackle toxic thoughts before they lead to negative behaviours and emotions using CBT's ABC model. I also discuss the power of the subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy and go into great detail about this notion of energy. The power of it and how you can preserve your energy. Finally I share the secret to true manifestation and affirmation of ourselves.

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    E2 - 35m - Aug 16, 2020
  • Tea anyone? Discussing Restor3, anxiety, and everything in between.

    Tea time sess and food for the mind! In this first episode I talk about coming out of university and creating/developing Restor3. The brand and podcast; with a story time. Its quite full and a lil all over the place like all conversations lol. But I discuss what I have learned during this process and give some insight into GAD symptoms as well as my 'Use your Sense' guide to helping anxiety.

    E1 - 43m - Aug 10, 2020
  • Introducing Restor3 podcast

    I talk about what to expect from the podcast; a little introduction to Restor3 and myself.

    7m - Aug 5, 2020
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