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Relationship University

Relationship University is a therapist-run podcast all about our relationship to ourselves and others. This show takes an energetic and psychological look into how we can become more self-aware in dating, romantic partnerships, friendships & family connections and our work-lives. This podcast strives to make helpful connections to improve your inner-intelligence and self-confidence... while maybe even making you laugh a little.

The host, Natalie Bloom, is a therapist who has 10 years of experience working with young professionals on the topics of anxiety, dating & relationships, family dynamics, self-esteem and personal empowerment. She is a life-long introspection nerd, who was talking about life and relationships since elementary school recess. Get excited for intentional interviews and monologues with the purpose of normalizing challenges we all face and providing insight, tools and inspiration that's real and relevant.


13. Let's Talk Egg Freezing, Baby!
Show Details1hr 31min
12. Race and You: Why This Relationship Matters
Show Details1hr 20min
11. How to Depersonalize Online Dating
Show Details16min 20s
10. A Therapist Changes His Life
Show Details58min 36s
9. How to Crush Being Supportive to Someone with Depression/Anxiety
Show Details20min 45s
8. The Benefits of Being Vulnerable
Show Details14min 44s
7: Cheat Codes for Online Dating
Show Details46min 46s
6: Introverts, Our Secret Leaders
Show Details11min 5s
5: Being Married to a Therapist
Show Details45min 46s
4. Enneagram & Emotional Intelligence (Part 2)
Show Details58min 58s
3. The Enneagram & Emotional Intelligence (Part 1)
Show Details1hr 3min
2. Playing Hard-to-Get is Not a Game
Show Details30min 54s
1. How to be Likable & Make Friends as an Adult
Show Details51min 53s