Episode #3 - Self Reflection + Self Honesty = Accountability (Exploring Various Outlets Of Accountability)

Episode 3
1h 18m | May 24, 2021

Featured Guest: Dina (Host of the "Not For Everybody Podcast")

In this episode, we will explore suicidal thoughts, what causes them and how to outlast them. Life is a cruel place, and standardize upbringings do not prepare us to handle it. We grow up believing in Santa Clauses, Easter Bunnies, Halloween’s, Valentine’s Days, Princesses, and Knights In Shining Armors. It is not until the world sees you as an adult that you get a reality check, and it hits you like a speeding truck. Press play and listen to us brainstorm on how one may attempt to unblock a defeated mindset.


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This is the Relationship DNA Podcast. I am your creator and host, A. Smalls.

I will be joined by my co-host D. Renee.

Together, we will bring you the most unique content examining relationships and human interaction between men and women.

We will work our way up to having special guests on episodes, but the entire first season will be dedicated to listeners getting familiar with us as a dynamic duo.

Our goal is to never give one-sided viewpoints from the male or female perspective. We will try to extend your lens to multiple lenses while challenging preset ideas and beliefs.

Any stance one takes becomes a belief that one has to defend. But are you defending it because it’s a belief you were born into or is your belief a self-written lifeline that may be developed from negative life experiences?

If you don’t know, we will help you explore the unknowns and undefines, as communication is the greatest tool of clarity and understanding.

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