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This is the Relationship DNA Podcast. I am your creator and host, A. Smalls, and co-host D. Renee.

Together, we will bring you the most unique content examining relationships and human interaction between men and women.

We will work our way up to having special guests on episodes, but the entire first season will be dedicated to listeners getting familiar with us as a dynamic duo.

Our goal is to never give one-sided viewpoints from the male or female perspective. We will try to extend your lens to multiple lenses while challenging preset ideas and beliefs.

Any stance one takes is a belief that one has to defend. But are you defending it because it’s a belief you were born into, or is your belief a self-written lifeline that may be developed from negative life experiences?

If you don’t know, we will help you explore the unknowns and undefines, as communication is the greatest tool of clarity and understanding.  

Please feel free to send us an email at for our #AskHim #AskHer Listener Letters, which we will each answer one during every episode. 

Visit our Instagram page at RelationshipDNApodcast, and we will soon be launching our official website, 

So, get in, buckle up and enjoy the ride. We are going to enjoy this journey together.


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Episode #2 - HowToReconcileWithFamily: It’s A Family Reunion, But The Energy Is O.F.F (Overcoming Forgiveness and Family)
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