#4: Jews of the Corn

Season 1 | Episode 5
29m | Nov 1, 2020

When Clara shows up to her first day of cross country practice at Potato Chip High School, she’s shocked to see that her old Hebrew school classmate, Sarah is hosting Christian youth group meetings in her basement after school! The twist? Everyone on the Potato Chip High School cross country team goes to these meetings- including the coach- Coach Boredom. Will Clara stay loyal to her Reform Jewish upbringing, or will she drop it all for the approval of her teammates? This play was recorded as a live reading through Brooklyn Comedy Collective on the TVCO app on October 1, 2020. It is a work of fiction. 

Written by Catherine Bloom. Edited and produced by Anya Kopischke. Starring Olivia Abiassi, Aarushi Agni, Gideon Berger, Rachael Cain, Emma Rogers, Leanne Velednitsky, and Catherine Bloom

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RANDOM by Catherine Bloom