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    omg wow yes gah giggle woah heh SEASON 2 of RANDOM is here! It’s still a podcast, but instead of radio PLAYS, we’re doing radio TV. This season, follow a bunch of liberal arts THEATER majors through their second semester sophomore year, where they do things like not shower. It’s gonna be so much fun!!!!!!!

    album artwork H Coney

    music and editing by Art Kopischke

    created and narratited by Catherine Bloom

    S2E1 - 1m - Jan 2, 2021
  • #4: Jews of the Corn

    When Clara shows up to her first day of cross country practice at Potato Chip High School, she’s shocked to see that her old Hebrew school classmate, Sarah is hosting Christian youth group meetings in her basement after school! The twist? Everyone on the Potato Chip High School cross country team goes to these meetings- including the coach- Coach Boredom. Will Clara stay loyal to her Reform Jewish upbringing, or will she drop it all for the approval of her teammates? This play was recorded as a live reading through Brooklyn Comedy Collective on the TVCO app on October 1, 2020. It is a work of fiction. 

    Written by Catherine Bloom. Edited and produced by Anya Kopischke. Starring Olivia Abiassi, Aarushi Agni, Gideon Berger, Rachael Cain, Emma Rogers, Leanne Velednitsky, and Catherine Bloom

    S1E5 - 29m - Nov 1, 2020
  • #3: RANDOM Days at Randomtown Swimclub

    Summer is here, and that means the kids are flocking to the local swimming pool! Join Margaret, Geraldine, Cormac, Megan Meganson, & Braden for an afternoon at Randomtown swim club. They may have various levels of clout, but never the less, they all go swimming. 

    Written by Catherine Bloom. Edited & produced by Anya Kopsichke. Starring Kate Gonzales, Amanda Houser, Olivia Jackson, Cora Katz, Michael Ortiz, & Catherine Bloom.

    S1E4 - 25m - Aug 3, 2020
  • #2: RANDOM Actresses & Politicians

    Annabella Campbell was a normal girl living a normal life... that is..until her mother, Mary-Kristin Stuart Masterson Campbell went missing. Her new stepmother, Bellatrix L’Estranged-From-Her-Father, was an actress full of secrets. The biggest secret of all? Mitt Romney.. and his binders full of women.

    This episode was written and directed by Catherine Bloom. Edited, mixed, and produced by Anya Kopischke. Starring Miller Pyke, Paris Adorno, and Catherine Bloom!

    S1E3 - 20m - May 26, 2020
  • #1: RANDOM Women & Boys

    It’s Halloween and the year is 2012!! Erudite high school English teacher, Mr. Nudespot, arrives at yet another evening of improv practice for his high school improv troupe, “RANDOM.” But will they really get to play all the short form improv games on Mr. Nudespot’s list?? The list is freeze tag and pairs freeze tag.

    "RANDOM Women & Boys” is a fictional radio play and any resemblance to real life is merely a cute coincidence

    This episode was written & directed by Catherine Bloom. Edited, mixed, & produced by Anya Kopischke. Starring Olivia Abiassi, Eric Austin, Adam Coy, Georgia Kate Cohen, John Farnsworth, Kirsten Harvey, Kip Hathaway, Anya Kopischke, and Catherine Bloom!

    S1E2 - 29m - May 12, 2020
  • RANDOM Trailer

    An Introduction to Cathy's RANDOM world... coming to you soon

    S1E1 - 1m - May 2, 2020
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RANDOM by Catherine Bloom