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PURE - A ROH Retrospective Podcast

Join Shawn Taggart as he explores the 20 year promotion that is Ring of Honor, from it's humble beginnings to it's sad ending to it's rebirth.


Enter the Dragon - Episode 13
Show Details34min 53s
Change of Honor - Episode 12
Show Details41min 4s
Changing of the Guard - Episode 11
Show Details50min 37s
Supercard of Kahnor - Episode 10
Show Details29min 35s
Taking the Show on the Road - Episode 9
Show Details38min 21s
Tables and Ladders, Oh My. - Episode 8
Show Details34min 57s
Tony Khan Saves ROH? - Episode 7
Show Details16min 7s
Invading Japan - Episode 6
Show Details33min 7s
Pillar No. 1: CM Punk - Episode 5
Show Details33min 16s
Honor in The UK - Episode 4
Show Details35min 16s
Invading Boston - Episode 3
Show Details34min 18s
The Era Begins - Episode 2
Show Details39min 40s
End of An Era: Final Battle 2021 - Episode 1
Show Details58min 8s