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Changing format and hosting
Show Details2min 48s
Psynautical Trailer Episode
Show Details35s
Meditation and Philosophy with Jordan Bachynski
Show Details58min 32s
Episode 10 Talking about Fasting
Show Details18min 3s
Root Cause Documentary Review and Holistic Dentistry
Show Details12min 5s
Episode 8 Gut Binders For Detoxification and Overall Health
Show Details10min 51s
PTSD, Ayahuasca and Compassion with Giampiero of Apex Conversations
Show Details41min 25s
Talk with writer, artist and fellow podcaster Andrey Psyche
Show Details1hr 1min
Psynautical Episode 4 Effective Daily and Weekly Habits
Show Details10min 42s
Psynautical Podcast Episode 1 Revolutionizing Healthcare
Show Details11min 2s
Psynautical Episode 2 Coronapocalypse Special
Show Details7min 40s
Psynautical Podcast Episode 3 EMFs, Earthing and Grounding
Show Details13min 46s