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Next Left

From the grass roots to the ballot box, we are witnessing an explosion of progressive political energy. New candidates are running for offices high and low—and they’re winning. "Next Left" is your front-row seat to this political upheaval: On this new podcast from The Nation magazine, National Affairs Correspondent John Nichols introduces us to the rising stars of the progressive constellation. These insurgent politicians let us into their lives, tell us their stories, and explain how they plan to change our country for the better. These are the people reshaping our politics by bringing bold, progressive policies to their cities, counties and states, and to DC—let's get to know them. If you believe politics are personal, this podcast is for you. Subscribe for new episodes every Tuesday.


27: New from The Nation: More Than Enough
Show Details1min 23s
26: How Bernie Sanders Is Making the Next Left Possible
Show Details31min 47s
25: Barbara Lee Is Proud to be the Progressive OG
Show Details32min 33s
24: No More Blue Dog Democrats!
Show Details27min 31s
23: The Politician Amazon Is Dead Set on Defeating
Show Details31min 29s
22: Chesa Boudin Wants to Bring Restorative Justice to San Francisco
Show Details31min 50s
21: Fear Is Changing Sides in Puerto Rico
Show Details29min 20s
20: How a Black, Socialist City Councilman Won His Seat in the Heart of the South
Show Details30min 25s
19: Katherine Clark Has Been Calling for Impeachment for Months
Show Details33min 31s
18: Chokwe Antar Lumumba: Being a Radical Means Getting to the Root Causes of Injustice
Show Details32min 59s
17: Ruth Buffalo is changing politics in North Dakota
Show Details33min 20s
16: Meet the Only Member of Congress Who Has Been a FARC Captive
Show Details31min 30s
15: Tiffany Cabán Has Only Begun to Fight
Show Details33min 59s
14: A Blue Texas Is Not Enough. We Need a Progressive Texas.
Show Details31min 47s
Rashida Tlaib Speaks Truth to Power, and Donald Trump Hates That (Rebroadcast)
Show Details28min 40s
13: Want to Change Your City? Start In Your Community
Show Details32min 5s
12: No Native American Women Had Ever Been Elected to Congress—Until Last Year
Show Details28min 14s
11: When It Comes to Tech, Politicians Are Doing a Terrible Job
Show Details29min 26s
10: State Treasurer Is the Most Exciting Political Office You Never Pay Attention To
Show Details28min 25s
9: Pramila Jayapal Is Not Backing Down
Show Details33min 4s
8: The 29-Year-Old Politician Taking on the NRA in Florida
Show Details32min 25s
7: Franklin Bynum Is a Texas Judge Who Wants to Abolish Prisons
Show Details31min 38s
6: It Took Losing an Election to Really Crystalize Ro Khanna’s Vision
Show Details34min 18s
5: Sara Innamorato: "Creating an Economy Where Everyone can Live a Life of Dignity"
Show Details31min 27s
4: Rashida Tlaib: There’s a "Real Human Impact of Doing Nothing"
Show Details28min 9s
3: Lee Carter: "Your Elected Representative Is Part of the Problem"
Show Details33min 38s
2: Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez: "I Was Scared, But I Did It Anyways"
Show Details31min 41s
1: Ilhan Omar: “There’s a Reason That I Got Elected to Be in Congress and it has Nothing to do with the Fact that I’m a Refugee”
Show Details33min 7s
1: Next Left, Coming May 21
Show Details1min 46s