My Last Watch

Gun is an avid vintage watch collector. His wife Kailey is not. To curb Gun’s ever-expanding collection, Kailey approaches him with a challenge. Flip a $100 watch into a dream watch--a Nomos Campus for Gun’s dad. Join the couple as they talk about watch brands ranging from Seiko to Rolex, living in the Pacific Northwest, traveling, and more. 


Long awaited Bulova | Ep. 28
Show Details23min 46s
New Year's resolutions | Ep. 27
Show Details29min 32s
Should you gift a watch? | Ep. 26
Show Details20min 51s
Watch shopping in Beverly Hills | Ep. 25
Show Details32min 8s
Is this the end? | Ep. 24
Show Details20min 47s
Squid Game | Ep. 23
Show Details24min 4s
Watch shots and whiskey | Ep. 22
Show Details22min 36s
Calling Gun out | Ep. 21
Show Details22min 13s
Into the wild with my Seiko Tuna | Ep. 20
Show Details18min 21s
Football and watches | Ep. 19
Show Details22min 51s
A watch worth waiting for | Ep. 18
Show Details21min 54s
Scammed! | Ep. 17
Show Details31min 1s
Are luxury smartwatches a smart purchase? | Ep. 16
Show Details24min 16s
Decoding the Instagram watch community | Ep. 15
Show Details31min 23s
Going for gold: Olympic watches | Ep. 14
Show Details22min 35s
Remembering Anthony Bourdain (and his watch collection) | Ep. 13
Show Details23min 35s
My gateway vintage watch | Ep. 12
Show Details25min 16s
Money, couples, and watches | Ep. 11
Show Details27min 27s
Watches and 90 Day Fiancé | Ep. 10
Show Details26min 15s
My first watch meetup | Ep. 9
Show Details21min 43s
Watch shopping in Hawaii | Ep. 8
Show Details21min 57s
Show Details23min 24s
Turning a Seiko into a Nomos | Ep. 6
Show Details21min 15s
The watch that got away | Ep. 5
Show Details25min 46s
Watch hunting in Portland | Ep. 4
Show Details19min 9s
The Seiko of diamond rings | Ep. 3
Show Details20min 42s
Watch collecting during COVID-19 | Ep. 2
Show Details21min 31s
Confronting Gun about his watch hobby | Ep. 1
Show Details19min 35s
Introducing "My Last Watch"
Show Details1min 5s