Writer and Director SCUD of "BodyShop"

28m | Dec 11, 2023

This film is unrated and has Mature Content.

A ghost soldier bids farewell to his mother then possesses bodies worldwide to meddle in unfaithful relationships in Taiwan, Japan, Spain and Thailand. In Hong Kong he encounters his soulmate amid protests and they take refuge in a garage.

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Danny Cheng Wan-Cheung, known by the stage name Scud Cheng, is a Hong Kong director. He was born in Guangzhou and moved to Hong Kong with his family at the age of 13 and spent his youth in part-time study. After getting a degree in computers from the Open University of Hong Kong and working in the IT industry for 20 years and working stint at an MNC, he decided to take a step back and moved to Australia to rethink the direction of life and re-plan his future for his love in music and literature. He established an independent film company "Artwalker Limited" and co-operated with Hong Kong senior director Liu Guochang for the first film "A City Without Wilderness". He also wrote and produced a number of works including "Permanent Residence", "Amphetamine", "Love Sucks", "You" and "Tong Liu He Wu".

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