Animator and Director Scott Bateman of "5000 Space Aliens"

29m | Nov 22, 2023

Imagine meeting a space alien. Now imagine meeting one space alien every second. This is what happens in Scott Bateman’s groundbreaking animated film 5000 Space Aliens. Scott Bateman has turned found footage, vintage photo studio pictures from Venezuela and Romania, scraps from a 100-year-old psychology textbook, and more into 5000 one-second shots of animated characters. Instead of a typical narrative, 5000 Space Aliens is more like a ride: You just let the hypnotic rhythm of images wash over you. This one-of-a-kind animated extravaganza was made by just one animator, director Scott Bateman. Bateman also created the electronic-tinged soundtrack. FilmThreat said, “Groundbreaking style. The future has landed!” Get ready for an exciting new cinematic experience with 5000 Space Aliens! 5000 Space Aliens was Medusa Underground Film Festival's 'Best Picture' and has received multiple 'official selctions' at a raft of international festivals.



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