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Mobile Power and Profit

Mobile is not only the future, it is fast becoming the present. As consumers start to rely on their mobile devices from everything from shopping to searching to socializing, marketers, publishers and technologists need to know how to map out mobile strategies that will push and maximize this new frontier. In Mobile Power and Profit, thought leaders in the mobile industry share their experience and knowledge to help you make the best decisions.


How Companies Can Successfully Go Mobile
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The Rise of News Aggregation Mobile Apps
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How to Plan Your Mobile Strategy
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Wearable Technology and the Internet of Things
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Is Mainstream Media Dead? Discovering the Future of Content Monetization
Show Details35min 13s
Mobile Business Apps: Build or Buy?
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From Comments to Conversations
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­Evolving Marketing Needs of Mobile­first Companies
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Programmatic Media In a Mobile World
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Apple iOS 9, Ad­blockers and What It Means to Publishers
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Mobile Productivity In The Workplace
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iOS 9 and the Rise of Mobile Content Blockers
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Actionable Analytics in a Mobile World
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Testing to Optimize Conversions
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Mobile Conversion Optimization, Segmentation and A/B Testing
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Optimizing Your Business for Mobile
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The Value of Partnerships In Mobile with Wade Brown
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Increasing User Engagement with Julie Ask
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Using Mobile as the Personal Connection With Puneet Mehta
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Gilad Bechar: Keeping Your App Users Engaged
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Carson Barker: Marketing Your App
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Social Media and Marketing Strategies For Mobile
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Increasing Your Digital Budget With Mobile
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Focusing on the Creative in Mobile Advertising
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Focusing on the Creative in Mobile Advertising
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The Mobile Technology Firms Use For Consumers
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Finding the Right Mobile Marketing Partner; Building a Successful Multi-Screen C
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Beacons, Rich Ads, Multi-Screen Campaigns and Other Mobile Marketing Strategies
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The Potential of Location Based Marketing With Asif Khan
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Dedicated Mobile Landing Pages Vs. Responsive Web; Mobile Testing and Monitoring
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Mobile Engagement and Creating Friction in Mobile
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Standardization of Mobile Data Tracking; Delivering Digital Mobile Measurement f
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Mobile Publishing and Gaming Examined with Jon Walsh
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Advancements in Mobile Data Collecting
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Mobile Content Strategies for Publishers; Mobile Browser-Driven Marketing to Mob
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Mobile Marketing Changes in 2015 to Big Data, Cloud Technologies and Power of Lo
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