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The Red Pill Podcast!

The Spiritual Awakening Podcast of our time.

The only source of information you will ever need upon your spiritual awakening journey.

It's one thing reaching enlightenment sat alone in a cave, meditation for 14 hours a day. But how do we achieve it within this fast passed, hectic modern world?

Allow us to show you how. Taking you behind the curtain for a sneak peak into the inner workings of our reality.

We will dissolve all the layers of separation and illusion, allowing you to connect back to your true inner/higher self.

Join us in living the life you were born to live. The life of your dreams.



'I AM', are the most powerful words in existence. Whatever you put after I AM sets the tone for all your experiences in life.

The way you view yourself is the same way others see you; and your relationship with yourself sets the tone for all your relationships in life!

Believe you can or believe you can’t and either way you are right!

I AM Kaine Stromberg, A World renowned Spiritual Guide and Inner Completion Master; Content Creator and Visionary Leader.

I am living my best life in all ways. Are you?.

I AM so excited to share with you, all the information and techniques required for you to join me in living your greatest life. 

Providing you the KEI to a world of infinite potential within.

Become part of the Ambassadors of Light Family and Join us in living amongst the stars!