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Matthias J Barker Podcast

A podcast on moving towards what's meaningful despite hardship.


the healing power of literature and poetry
Show Details1hr 10min
inner conflict and taking sides
Show Details1hr 14min
inner-child work
Show Details50min 36s
how trauma therapy can pull couples apart
Show Details12min 47s
how to find a good therapist
Show Details21min 29s
is online counseling worse?
Show Details48min 48s
Show Details48min 39s
AMA - happiness, LD relationships, nagging
Show Details17min 1s
getting through grief
Show Details56min 16s
should I force my kid to eat?
Show Details27min 36s
convincing someone to change
Show Details1hr 25min
life update - March 2022
Show Details16min 25s
brain health, alzheimer's and nutrition - Interview with Dr. Daniel Amen
Show Details55min 11s
marital conflict
Show Details24min 49s
becoming a psychotherapist
Show Details22min 4s
if you're struggling with porn
Show Details26min 17s
motivation and trauma
Show Details22min 22s
falling back in love
Show Details14min 28s
empathy, sociopaths, and teenagers - Interview with Dr. Frank Anderson
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Show Details14min 59s
forgiving your parents
Show Details17min 38s
psychology of fame
Show Details14min 44s
why get married?
Show Details12min 10s
childhood trauma
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Show Details18min 2s
life update
Show Details12min 16s
solving arguments
Show Details14min 19s
irritation is a teacher
Show Details15min 42s
making friends as an adult
Show Details11min 57s
healing & embodiment
Show Details56min 20s
empathy is prejudiced
Show Details15min 46s
faith & sexual orientation - Interview with Ben Barker
Show Details1hr 38min
(reflection) faith & sexual orientation - Interview with Ben Barker
Show Details19min 24s
contentment & being open to change - Interview with Dr. Matthieu Villatte
Show Details59min 7s
bipolar, mindfulness, and christian prayer - Interview with John Mark Comer
Show Details1hr 25min
avoidance & goals
Show Details8min 28s
what to do if you're suffering - interview with Dr. Steve Hayes
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Show Details14min 22s
meaning & satisfaction
Show Details24min 12s
motivation & childhood dreams
Show Details14min 41s
relationship myths
Show Details11min 59s
should I quit my job?
Show Details14min 15s
the power of one idea
Show Details17min 53s