Handling Objections and Promo Packet Tips

18m | Nov 19, 2013

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Handing Objections When Booking Your Band

Today we hear about some steps you can take to identify and handle objections. For example you can say, “If I provide a promo packet with a CD you would be willing to consider the band?” If they say no, then you know that there is more to the story (and they may have a “Stable” of bands that they use ). The bottom line is to ask them.

Promo Packet Tips

You can print directly on CDs now. There is no need for labels.

Everything you hand the booking person should have your contact information on it as the CD, the card, the picture etc may get separated, so you NEED everything to have your contact information.

You can get the whole 5 CD package available for instant download

Printing Your Own CDs

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