Musomania's Adam Spencer on Building Your Music HQ

28m | Jan 28, 2014

Adam Spencer is the director of Musomania. This is a service that builds a Wordpress based website for you, but there is more than that. You have a community of musicians to network with, and people who are working on the same things you are. Think about a group of people battling the same Facebook issues, the same Gig press issues, etc. The best thing is you have complete control over your website. You can easily add a logo and tools such as mailchimp, and other tools are all integrated.

Adam is also the founder of The Gemini Project, which includes online resources for musicians as well as the popular Gemini Project Podcast, helping musicians all over the world take their music to the next level with smart marketing and the realization that music is just about connecting with people.

You're not going to be left alone, there are plenty of tutorials to walk you through the process. It's $299 for the service.

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You will need to supply your own hosting. You can get hosting at Host Gator for $8 a month or less and get 25% off using the host gator coupon code musicianpodcast

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