Growing Your Audience - Insights from Ice T & Jasta

29m | Dec 29, 2014

Today I talk about an update on the 3% rule. As I have not been putting as much effort into the podcast, a whopping .9 percent of the audience contributed to supporting the show. Yes, that means not even 1%. You get what you put into it. I put a lot into the show, but I'm not as regular as I should be. Today I play a clip from the ICE T Final Level Podcast that features Jeremy Jasta from where they talk about getting your music in front of a new audience, and how using pictures from the stage can boost your likes. They also talk about the power of LIVE performance. That brings me to word of mouth, where Jeremy talks about Eric Gales (who is a great guitarist) and how he just rocks live. If you found this show of value, please consider donating to the show

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