Still Want a Record Deal? - Smooth Gigging

22m | Jul 14, 2014

Today we play some clips from the Jay Mohr "Mohr Stories" podcast where he interviews Mark McGrath of the Band Sugar Ray. He explains just what they got paid per dollar when they were on a major label deal. Smooth Gigging Tips For Musicians Everybody helps Cross train everyone so anyone can do the others job. i.e. I - the guitar player - know how to tear down the drums, and wrap up mic cables. Remember volumes relate to how the BAND sounds not so much just YOUR volume. If one volume is too loud the whole band suffers Schedule Going Forward I plan on doing the show going forward doing the show on a monthly (probably) or twice a month (maybe) schedule. Thanks to all who love the show, I appreciate the emails and voice mails. I'll keep her going. It takes a lot of time (about 2 hours an episode, and I haven't received a lot of support over the 10 years. If you've received any value from the show, do consider donating. Support the Show

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