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19m | Apr 26, 2014

I just finished listening to the book Face the Music - A Life Exposed. This is a GREAT book filled with phenomenal stories from the lead singer of Kiss. It is brutally honest, and Paul goes the issues of running a band that becomes so huge. You also hear Paul struggle to find happiness. Happiness? Yep, its weird to hear a guy who has what many would consider everything (Money, Fame, Women, Cars) and yet still be unhappy. The book starts off with Paul explaining how he was born with no right ear (so you get immediate intimacy).

In a world where people think the best way to get a music career is to be on American idol, Kiss did it the old fashioned way. They worked their asses off. You will hear how to worked hard on their music, and their presentation. I play a snippet from Paul's audio book, and you hear how when they can't seem to catch a break, they make their own. It cost them some money. It was a gamble, but they always took their band seriously.

In the book you also hear how Peter Criss constantly threatened (and in some cases did) quit the band. What a hassle. Likewise, you will hear that you CAN put up with people that you don't always see eye to eye. If they help further the band, you can make sacrifices for the good of the band. In the end Paul does not hold back on any band members (including himself). He said the biggest marketing job Gene Simmons did was making the world believe he was a marketing genius.

Paul narrates the entire book (12 hours) and the fact that it's Paul Stanley reading the book makes it even better.

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