Newsjacking and Selling Digital Products with Sellfy

13m | Aug 3, 2014

As I live in Cleveland, I can say first hand that this town went NUTS when LeBron James announced his returning to Cleveland. I mean it went crazy. When news like this hits, and you have a song that fits? Be sure to throw it right in the middle of the media frenzy. That's what Skylar Grey did. Think about bands like 3 doors down who write soundtracks for people in the military.

Sellfy - Sell Downloads with Bonus Affiliate Program

Recently I spoke about some tools to sell digital downloads (like, your music). I just stumbled across Sellfy, which is a cool way to sell downloads - and it has something that the other tools do not - an affiliate program. Musicians like Joe Bonamassa have used affiliate programs to reward fans for promoting their music. If you're new to affiliate programs, when someone signs up to promote your show they receive a link that identifies that the traffic came from them. Then if they buy something they earn a portion of the sale (that you specify). While I like the interface and customization (you can change the color of the buy button), the affiliate program of Sellfy does set it above the others in terms of functionality. Sellfy does allow you to sell directly from your facebook page. You can tie it into your paypal, paymill, or stripe account. You also have access to to send emails to your customers with updates, etc. They take 5% of the sale, and offer unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.

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