Nimbit and Pandora News - Playing For the Door

17m | Feb 8, 2014

Today we talk about getting your music into Pandora, some new cool tools to help you market to yoru fans in an intelligent manner. I play a snippet from Get Your Band Out of the Basement about playing for the door (and a horror story).

New Tools at Nimbit

Nimbit is a great tool to take your music marketing to the next level. Recently they added some new features that include:

1. Fan List

Here is some of the ways you can use their new fan list. You will be able to see

  • Which fans signed up for your mailing list in the last 30 days in the Boston area.
  • Which fans checked into one of your events and has purchased your new album.
  • Which fans have not purchased your new album, but did purchase your last album.
  • and much more…

Save those and countless other filters into your fan list and use the rest of our tools to keep them engaged.

2. Email

They have created a new email marketing tool, available to Nimbit Premium users, which is integrated throughout the dashboard. You can:

  • Set up a promotion for your new single, and only email fans that have not purchased it yet.
  • Set up a recurring email that automatically sends an event reminder to fans in the location of your upcoming events, as you add them.
  • and much more…

3. Events

The new event management system is available on ALL plans. . We’ve integrated Google searches into event creation: you enter the name and city of the venue and Google takes care of the rest. It’s faster for you and provides more accurate information for your fans, right from your calendar. Also, we made selling eTickets for events much easier. Use event management with fan list and email to send an event reminder to all your fans in the area that haven’t bought tickets yet! Then email all the fans that checked in to your event directly from the events page.

4. Promotions

With a shiny new coat of paint and some powerful new features, your promotions will be more effective than ever. Promote any product in your store with a discount, and include another discount only for fans who redeemed the promotion. For example, give a track away for free, and offer the whole album for 20% off to those who download the track. Then, send a thank you email to the fans that bought the album and remind them about your merch options!

5. Fan Check.In

Last but certainly not least, fan checkin is the best way to offer incentives to fans who come to events. When a fan arrives at one of your events, they just need to go to on their phone and check in with their email address. You can set it up so they get a free track or a discount in your store immediately, just for checking in. After the show, send the whole recorded performance to the fans that checked in! Fan Check.In is available to Nimbit Plus and Nimbit Premium users.
I love this idea as it has hints of the frequent shopper programs at many stores, plus it focuses on people showing up at a gig (which leads to you getting more gigs as you brig a crowd).
Go to for more information

Submit Your Music To Pandora

Today we talk about submitting your music to Pandora, and now you don't have to have a CD. You can get the full details HERE.

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