Greg Pichler - PunktApp

31m | Sep 30, 2020

I love this episode and product, you will to! Greg and I talk about how right place, right time, right product can really help your app get early exposure. He got a shoutout from Suhail's (founder of Mixpanel and Mighty) "Shipping Friday" tweets (earlier this summer, Suhail would feature a Maker who recently shipped product). From that point on, Punkt was off to the races. Punkt has also been featured in the AppStore.

Product Description

Punkt is a private and secure one-sentence journaling app for iOS. One sentence a day helps you to learn more about yourself. The app makes it easy to reflect on emotions, weaknesses and driving factors in your life. It’s the perfect app to form a journaling habit and become a tiny bit happier in your life. The app is based on a simple but joyful design and focuses on your privacy. No login, no ads, no tracking frameworks or whatsoever are included in the app. It’s all about you and your stories.

Tech stack

Designs were made in Sketch. Development done in Xcode. Data is stored on the device and in private iCloud container. 


RevenueCat has to be mentioned here. It makes it super easy to integrate subscriptions or IAP in your app. Other than that no tracking tools, crash reporting frameworks or whatsoever. No one but the user should have access to the data / content of the app.

Social media handles

Personal: @iPGregor (Twitter), gregor.pichler (Instagram)

App: @punktapp

With terabytes of ❤️

- Dan

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