Mac and Woolley Show

The Mac and Woolley Show is a podcast about inspirational business leadership. We discuss topics at the intersection of spirituality and leadership that are important for every business person anywhere, anyone striving to be a better leader. We chat about insights from various spiritual traditions and share ways that you can practice such as meditations and mindfulness techniques. Occasionally, experts and business leaders will join us as well. Perhaps most importantly, each show should give you a little space to contemplate the ideas and reflect upon their consequences for your personal and professional life. The show should give you a little stillness and reduce some noise so that you can perceive your truth.


S01 E03.3 - Meditation for What is your Calling?
Show Details6min 44s
S01 E03.2 - Following your Calling!
Show Details14min 29s
S01 E03.1 - What is your Calling?
Show Details20min 21s
S01 E02.4 - Discernment Mediation
Show Details4min 57s
S01 E02.3 - Stories on Discernment
Show Details8min 18s
S01 E02.2 - How business leaders can benefit from discernment
Show Details17min 57s
S01 E02.1 - Dr. Thomas Plante on the 4 D's of Discernment
Show Details19min 18s
S01 E01.1 - Spirituality & Business Leadership
Show Details22min 13s
Ep. 0
Show Details2min 23s