Tips to Cut Back on Sugar

Episode 439
26m | May 31, 2021


Weigh In: 235.7 (down from from 237)

Today we are looking at Sugar. Depending on who you read the recommended amount of Sugar is

25g for women

38 g for men.

According to this video she said the world health recommends 50g or less with a goal of 25 g. (four grams of sugar is 1 teaspoon of sugar).

This is not so much the sugar that comes in food, but the sugar that is added.

Some associations say 10 g per day. The bottom line is, if you're listening to this podcast my guess is you're getting more sugar than you need (I know I am and in June I'm going to purposely try to cut back).

The fun thing about sugar is it has 60 NAMES (WTF?!?!). see (right-hand side column)

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Steps to Take:

Read the label and avoid sugar, syrup, or things that end in "Rose (like fructose)

Eat more protein with meals to keep you full and avoid cravings.

Soda and other drinks are often a huge culprit (the 8 oz can of mountain dew has 25 g of sugar.

Don't worry about sugar that comes in fruits as they also have fiber and nutrients. This is more about added sugar.

Don't swap natural sugar for a sweetener as those often are not healthy.

Realize cutting down sugar (cause it's in EVERYTHING) is very hard.

If you eat some birthday cake, don't punish yourself. Enjoy the occasional piece of cake and get back to focusing on good options.


The bottom line is that it’s not as simple as “all carbs or all sugars are evil”.

By following some simple rules, you can include some sweetness in your life in a healthful way:

Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruits (and sweet veggies). Their high content of fiber, water, and other nutrients, makes them a net win.

Avoid sugar-sweetened beverages and liquid sugars, because they ‘whack’ your system hard and fast, and can fuel overeating.

Avoid refined grains, as they cause your blood sugar to spike even more than pure sugar!

Moderation, moderation, moderation. The dose (and context) make the toxin!


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