Cubii Review - Safe HIIT

Episode 447
24m | Feb 10, 2022

Lose weight while you watch TV right? Well, while using a Cubii does burn calories, I see this more as a rehabilitation tool. I would classify at as "better than nothing" so if you're doing nothing, this is not a bad choice.

I have been using it while I watch TV, however, if you're watching a movie and you're going to be there a while, for me, my butt got hot, and it became weird. After all, I don't want to push a bunch of butt sweat into my couch (yes I had jeans on, but if you do this enough... well).

These are not cheap. I bought my pro version used. As always what is the best exercise? The one you do.


Primarily due to my birthday being yesterday (I'm 57) I am up a pound setting a new record of 237. Ugh. But I'm back to drinking water, getting more sleep and counting calories. I already lost a little.

How to do HIIT Safely

I got this by watching a video from Dr. Eric Berg DC. You can check out his YouTube Channel.

Here is the video I'm talking about

He points out that High-Intensity Interval Training is a great way to lose weight. It sets your body up to burn fat while you sleep.

However, *and I'm guilty of this) you will see someone talk about HIIT and the directions are "Go 1 minutes on and take one minute off," and depending on your fitness level that may be too much out of the gate.


So what Dr. Berg mentions is:

  1. Take your pulse. I have Fingertip Oxygen Concentrator which also measures my heart rate. This is your resting heart rate.
  2. Exercise for a minute. This could be jumping jacks, push-ups, jumping rope, Spin bike, Kettlebell, the idea is you want to push pretty hard here (always talk to your doctor first).
  3. Take your pulse after 1 minute of exercise. We will call this top rate.
  4. Sit and rest for 1 minute and take your pulse again. We will call this cool down rate.
  5. Subtract top rate from your cool down rate. That is your recovery number.

For me my resting rate was 70BPM

My top rate was 105

My cool down rate 75

105-75 = 30 (My recovery).

Recovery Scorecard (A higher number is good)

12 beats or less you need help

13-20 moderate risk

20-30 OK

More than 30 you're great

Figuring Out Your Interval

Now that we know our resting heart rate (our first measurement). Exercise for 1 minute, and when your minute is over, start a timer to see how long it takes to get back to your resting heart rate. That is your safe interval.

For me to get back to my resting heart rate would take about 2 minutes. So I could do 1 minute of exercise and then take 2 minutes to rest and then repeat.

If you do 4-6 repetitions twice a week, it can make a difference.

Here is his video

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