Resitance Bands Struggles

25m | Apr 26, 2021

Weigh In

I'm sad to report that I'm up 1 lb and I'm at 235.

Resistance Bands Hurdles

I bought a Hyfit resistance band set. It's high-tech portable, and kind of geeky. It needs a door that opens out. All of the doors on my bedrooms open out (not in).

I also noticed that to work all of your muscles you will need to work different muscles you will need to move the location of any door anchors.

What I did was bought multiple door anchors and used a closet that I don't need to get into too often. I have one on the top and bottom and one in the middle.

If you're new to resistance bands this has a set of bands and the door anchors I mentioned built-in.

The last thing I bought was a good old-fashioned door stop.

By adding three-door anchors and the doorstop, I think I've got a working system. As always be careful and contact a doctor before doing any exercise.

Fit After Fifty

I purchased a package from Fit After 50. Seems a little gimmicky, but I'm going to give it a shot

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