S1. EP. 7 - Lost Episode: Juggling Health, Fitness, and Parenting w/ Coach Ashley Bradford of Faith Filled Fitness

Season 1 | Episode 7
25m | Jul 1, 2021

This is a lost episode. Meaning it was recorded with the intent to be aired a while ago. However, we ran into some audio issues throughout the podcast, and Ashley and I could not meet up again to recreate our conversation. But, I think the audio challenges are fitting: as a single mom juggling so much in her life and yet still slaying challenges, scratchy audio is no match for the valuable information Ashley shares in this podcast. Real warriors and champions don't have privileges like the princesses all over Instagram and other social media platforms. Real warriors push through challenges, day after day, and work to achieve on their personal merits, discipline, and know-how. Please enjoy our conversation.

About Ashley:

Ashley is a health and fitness coach for Faith Filled Fitness. Even though she is a single mom, she manages to juggle a busy, fluctuating daily schedule while simultaneously working to maximize her and her daughter’s health. Her favorite phrases to stay motivated are “Let’s Go!” and “Never quit!” Join Faith Filled Fitness on Facebook and follow Ashley on Instagram @ashleybgetsfit

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