Women Leaders in STEM with Drs. Nicole Ehrhart and Lise Youngblade

40m | Dec 19, 2022

Today's show is a special two-part episode with the Health and Human Science Matters podcast, hosted by the College of Health and Human Sciences' Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Matt Hickey, and the college’s Digital Media Strategist, Avery Martin.

We teamed up to speak with Dean Lise Youngblade and Dr. Nicole Ehrhart, the former interim and current directors of the Center for Healthy Aging, to have a conversation about women as leaders in science.

Listen to part 1 over at the HHSM podcast, where Ehrhart and Youngblade discuss their trajectories, hobbies, and roles as female leaders in STEM.

Then, come back here for part 2 to learn why CSU is uniquely positioned to study models of aging because of its land-grant mission. Dr. Ehrhart describes the Center’s Longitudinal COVID-19 Screening Study in Nursing Facilities, and Dean Youngblade shares about CSU’s role in responding to the mental health crisis in Colorado, both locally and in rural areas across the state.


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