Should there be age limits for politicians? A panel discussion

1h 30m | Mar 13, 2024

Amidst the ongoing debate over whether Presidents Biden and Trump are "too old" to run for president again, our season 4 premiere offers a compelling panel discussion. At the crossroads of healthy aging, anti-ageism, political science, and principles of democracy, this episode revisits a thought-provoking conversation originally aired on President's Day 2024. Explore with us the the extent to which age should impact your decision-making at the 2024 ballot box. Perspectives by:

  • Karrin Anderson, moderator and Professor of Communication Studies.
  • Manfred Diehl, University Distinguished Professor of Human Development and Family Studies.
  • Christine Fruhauf, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies.
  • Lucas Brady Woods, State Capitol Reporter at KUNC.
  • Nick DeSalvo, ASCSU president and political science student.


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