living healthy longer

We’re decoding the science of healthy aging, bringing it out of the lab and into the homes of a broader public. living healthy longer covers the latest in the biological, cognitive, psychological, social, and behavioral aspects of getting older—from research happening at Colorado State University, to interventions and community programs supporting our ever-growing, aging population, to news headlines that challenge what we thought we knew about aging. Join hosts from the Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging at Colorado State University as we break down what science says about living a longer, healthier life. 


Part 2: How a Hug Transformed Pandemic Isolation with Peggy Budai
Show Details29min 23s
Part 1: The Importance of Social Connection with Dr. Gloria Luong
Show Details34min 4s
Cellular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration with Dr. Julie Moreno
Show Details34min 21s
Aging in Outer Space with Dr. Susan Bailey
Show Details48min 28s
Microbiome and Aging with Dr. Tara Cepon Robins
Show Details34min 41s
Stroke Awareness with Dr. Neha Lodha
Show Details29min 42s
Nature-Based Interventions for Cognitive Decline with Dr. Becca Lassell
Show Details35min 4s
The One Health Approach with Dr. Sue VandeWoude
Show Details47min 26s
A Lifespan Developmental Scientist on Healthy Aging with Dr. Lise Youngblade
Show Details45min 46s
Hormonal Programming with Dr. Stuart Tobet
Show Details32min 9s
The Science of Team Science with Dr. Jeni Cross
Show Details52min 4s
Healthy Muscle Aging with Dr. Karyn Hamilton
Show Details41min 3s
Cognitive Decline Isn't Destined with Dr. Deana Davalos
Show Details56min 2s
Biology of Healthspan with Dr. Tom LaRocca
Show Details44min 56s
Hallmarks of Aging with Dr. Nicole Ehrhart
Show Details51min 40s
Introducing: living healthy longer
Show Details3min 10s