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Little Bits of Stuff

Little Bits of Stuff is a medical education podcast dedicated to providing valuable medical information for residents, interns, students and patients. In each episode, relevant topics are dissected, explained in bits and in a stress-free manner. Our aim is to engage the medical and non-medical audience.


The NYSC Experience; From Camp To POP
Show Details39min 19s
Why You May Have Back Pain After Childbirth (Post Partum Back Pain))
Show Details6min 38s
Are You Insured Or Assured - Kopa Wi Podcast Episode 1
Show Details26min 7s
Here's Why Toothpicks Are Bad For You
Show Details8min 9s
Would You Love To Have Physiotherapy During Labour?
Show Details6min 31s
Mouth Odour; The Relationship Killer
Show Details10min 59s
Brace For Physio
Show Details7min 44s
What Are Dental Braces?
Show Details7min 30s
How Your Work Is Affecting You
Show Details7min 43s
How To Lose Belly Fat
Show Details11min 44s
How To Treat Mouth Sores (Majata)
Show Details8min 58s
What's Wrong With My Baby's Arm?
Show Details10min 53s
Mouthwashes And Mouth Rinses; Any Difference?
Show Details5min 51s
How Long Does Physiotherapy Take To Work?
Show Details10min 45s
What Healthy Gums Should Look Like
Show Details5min 22s
Is Your Chair Worsening Your Back Pain?
Show Details8min 40s
4 Simple Ways To Avoid Food Borne Illnesses
Show Details15min 53s
Tooth Discolorations, Causes And Treatment
Show Details8min 45s
Role Of Physical Therapy In Gestational Diabetes
Show Details8min 19s
Key Nutrients Women Need Everyday
Show Details15min 28s
Your Teeth Are Not Supposed To Be White
Show Details7min 14s
When To Apply Hot Compress Versus Cold
Show Details8min 16s
What To Do About Tooth Decay - Treatment
Show Details8min 12s
How To Get Better Erection With Kegels
Show Details8min 57s
Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Lose Weight?
Show Details16min 8s
Tooth Decay - Can You Smile In Public?
Show Details7min 56s
Kegel Exercises - Tightening Things Down There
Show Details10min 29s
Can You Use Your Partner's Toothbrush Part 2
Show Details11min 50s
Can You Have Sex During Pregnancy?
Show Details10min 10s
Why You Shouldn't Rinse Your Mouth After Brushing - Dental Thursday
Show Details10min 14s
I'm Pregnant, But Why Is My Back Killing Me?
Show Details6min 54s
10 Ways To Improve Your Health Habits Foodie Friday
Show Details16min 14s
Can You Use Your Partner's Toothbrush- Dental Thursday with Temitayo
Show Details11min 38s
Why You have Muscle Pull And What to Do- Physio Wednesdays
Show Details8min 4s
Constipation For Foodies - Foodie Friday with Udeme
Show Details13min 42s
Don't Use Aboniki For Everything - Physio Wednesdays
Show Details9min 11s
The Ten Commandments and World Cancer Day Foodie Friday
Show Details18min 55s
Is Flossing Really Necessary - Dental Thursday
Show Details8min 40s
What You Can't Get Versus What You Get - Physio Wednesdays
Show Details16min 18s
Oral Hygiene And Your Toothbrush - Dental Thursday
Show Details7min 56s
Dental Thursday with Temitayo
Show Details5min 30s
Overweight And Comfortable
Show Details11min 12s
Lassa Fever Outbreak
Show Details14min 13s
Thirties, Giving Birth And Fibroids
Show Details24min 9s
How To Fake A DNA Paternity Test
Show Details15min 56s
The Covid Arm Side Effect
Show Details4min 53s
The Truth About Cryptic Pregnancy
Show Details23min 18s
What Causes Saggy Breasts
Show Details17min 34s
Best Weight Loss Strategy Ever
Show Details21min 18s
Diabetes Mellitus Myths and Facts
Show Details20min 36s
Ask Dr Nick Part Two
Show Details54min 59s
Ask Dr Nick Question and Answer Part One
Show Details33min 10s
Why You Have Ovulation Pain
Show Details12min 54s
Why Patients and Relatives Beat Health Workers
Show Details13min 57s
Heartburn During Pregnancy; Causes and Treatment
Show Details17min 13s
How Is Your HMO Treating You?
Show Details20min 33s
Canker Sores; What to do?
Show Details16min 34s
Palm Oil for Poison Ingestion, Antidote or Death?
Show Details7min 24s
Allergic To Sex Or It's Semen Allergy? (Public Content)
Show Details13min 21s
Antimicrobials; The Sulphonamides (Health Pro Content)
Show Details25min 17s
Antibiotics; Macrolides And Lincosamides
Show Details20min 34s
Is Eczema Curable?
Show Details22min 8s
Seizures And Seizure Management In The ED with Ojifinni
Show Details10min 29s
The Covid 19 Vaccine In Nigeria
Show Details12min 12s
The 2021 health budget; N246 is the new low
Show Details13min
Health Implications Of The Lekki Shooting
Show Details11min 9s
Infertility; Who's To Blame?
Show Details26min 2s
Premarital Health Checks; Before you say I do
Show Details21min 10s
Blue Balls; What Ladies Had To Say (Bonus Episode)
Show Details29min 56s
Are Blue Balls Real?
Show Details12min 42s
Why Women Last Longer In Bed
Show Details18min 4s
If it's Malaria and Typhoid, It's Scam.
Show Details8min 4s
Does Postinor Damage The Womb
Show Details13min 28s
Your Fever Blister Is Herpes
Show Details11min 8s
Feminine wash and douching
Show Details13min 36s
6 Healthy Underwear Habits
Show Details6min 52s
How To Last Longer In Bed
Show Details20min 17s
Why Doctors Are Promiscuous!
Show Details26min 31s
What's Your Bra Thirty?
Show Details6min 33s
Abortion - Long Story Short (Promo episode)
Show Details21min 50s
Let's Talk Therapy (Child Sexual Abuse)
Show Details52min 2s
The Last Survivor (Child Sexual Abuse)
Show Details42min 47s
Child Sexual Abuse At 5
Show Details29min 57s
If You Tell Anyone (Child Sexual Abuse)
Show Details35min 38s
First By A Maid Then Others (Child Sexual Abuse)
Show Details30min 27s
Scalpel Please - Brief Overview Of The Surgical Scalpel
Show Details36min 58s
Abused By A Pastor - Child Sexual Abuse
Show Details1hr
Is Toilet Infection A Thing?
Show Details12min 34s
I Was Abused By My Dad (Child Sexual Abuse Series)
Show Details38min 38s
Patients' Rights; 11 Things You Probably Don't Know!
Show Details46min 51s
The Thyroid SmackDown Part 2
Show Details51min 7s
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
Show Details35min 40s
Consulting Room Diaries; Patients' Perspective
Show Details22min 26s
The Thyroid SmackDown Part 1
Show Details39min 41s
Flagyl Abuse; Stool is that you?
Show Details11min 27s
Is Jedi Jedi real?
Show Details8min 18s
Life as a HouseOfficer; What they don't tell you but should! (Doctor content)
Show Details29min 17s
The Big Enigma; Sugar and Menstrual Cramps (Patient content)
Show Details25min 36s
Episode 2 - What Women Want to know with Didie (Patient content)
Show Details15min 33s
Little Bits of Stuff show premiere
Show Details3min 41s