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Lightweights Podcast

Parasailing, driving NASCARS, betting our bank account in Vegas, and giving money to our listeners EVERY WEEK! Third wheel this best-friendship that started as a joke but now they're in a bromance. Hosts Joe (Ugh It's Joe) and Ilya are social media personalities that know how to have a great time. Listen to Lightweights you never know what Hollywood will bring their way . Join the movement, call in, and lets have fun!


Starting An EXCLUSIVE Content Page
Show Details26min 54s
Falling In Love On A Dating Show
Show Details23min 47s
Meeting Xzibit from Pimp My Ride
Show Details25min 27s
Winning $5,000 in Billiards
Show Details31min 24s
These Guys Infiltrated A Cult
Show Details40min 43s
Doughbrik's Is Opening!
Show Details28min 58s
Sneaking In The Window At Work
Show Details27min 17s
Gifting An Extravagant Birthday Gift
Show Details29min 13s
Chloroforming The Mayor!
Show Details44min 48s
Fighting The Hostess
Show Details34min 26s
Truth Or Drink
Show Details29min 43s
Encountering A Wild Bear In Sequoia Forrest
Show Details29min 38s
Scott Has Beef with Ilya
Show Details24min 50s
Joe Betrays Ilya Because Of David
Show Details26min 8s
He Got Kidnapped For A TV Show
Show Details29min 17s
Exposing Our Dirtiest Texts
Show Details34min 16s
Is Her Supercar Worth It?
Show Details38min 58s
Mark Wahlberg Is My New Best Friend
Show Details33min 8s
Prank War Leaks His Phone Number
Show Details45min 13s
This Story Should Not Be Public
Show Details38min 35s
High School Teacher Proves Conspiracy Theories
Show Details51min 56s
Deepest Conversation We Ever Had
Show Details32min 53s
S.W.A.T. Team Had To Escort Him Out
Show Details51min
Refusing A Free Hair Transplant
Show Details28min 36s
My First Sleep Paralysis
Show Details29min 17s
Heath's Insane Body Transformation
Show Details32min 35s
Sending Money To Our Listeners Again!
Show Details39min 25s
Ilya and Ella's Secret Relationship
Show Details36min 58s
I Can't Believe We're Posting This
Show Details45min 31s
Jumping 50 Feet Off A Shipwreck
Show Details29min 27s
My Dog Ran Away
Show Details27min 1s
Falling In Love In Paris
Show Details30min 9s
Speaking To Spirits
Show Details35min 4s
I Got Hit By A Car
Show Details32min 57s
Writing A Letter To A Judge
Show Details32min 53s
Renting A Pirate Ship
Show Details25min 7s
Saving A Dog On The Highway
Show Details29min
Doing Drugs With My Dad
Show Details24min
My First Prostate Exam
Show Details26min 2s
Paying $10,000 To Tattoo My Face On Him
Show Details30min 8s
Am I A Bad Person For This?
Show Details26min 5s
Cops Questioned My Mom
Show Details27min 41s
Eating Metal Screw In A Pizza
Show Details22min 16s
Growing A Beard In 5th Grade
Show Details26min 56s
The Launch of Xeela
Show Details27min 55s
Losing 50 Pounds in 6 Months
Show Details27min 4s
Bringing A Duck To My Dorm
Show Details28min 27s
Paying A $8,500 Restaurant Bill
Show Details29min 39s
He's Moving..
Show Details21min 10s
Naked Massages From My Mom
Show Details26min 23s
They Owe Me $5,000
Show Details30min 15s
Who's A Better Lover..
Show Details33min 57s
The Hotel From Hell
Show Details28min 28s
Starting Our Nudist Colony
Show Details30min 25s
Surprising Myself With A New Car
Show Details32min 51s
Ultimate Role Playing (Indiana, Zach Justice of Dropouts Podcast)
Show Details39min 51s
Waxing His Butthole
Show Details27min 13s
Forced To Sell My House
Show Details31min 17s
Winning $800,000 On Snapchat (Dominic Andre)
Show Details28min 49s
Receiving Monkey Heart Transplant
Show Details22min 45s
Fifth Sense Forces Him Off Airplane
Show Details28min 8s
Getting License Suspended
Show Details25min 45s
Committing Grand Theft Auto
Show Details26min 17s
1,000,000 Listens and He'll Legally Change His Name To Sid
Show Details25min 8s
Kissing On A Helicopter Pad (Natalie Mariduena)
Show Details27min 53s
Hypnotist Arouses Me
Show Details31min 18s
Crashing Into A Taco Bell (Brian Dales; The Summer Set)
Show Details26min 23s
Making Love To A Tree
Show Details32min 40s
Confronting Him About Natalie (Todd Smith)
Show Details24min 49s
I'm Going To Court
Show Details31min 46s
A Hawk Landed On My Head (Maya Higa)
Show Details23min 20s
$20,000 First Class Flight
Show Details26min 1s
Ilya Confronts Josh (Josh Peck)
Show Details37min 8s
Stopping A Terrorist
Show Details25min 48s
Arrested In A Foreign Country
Show Details28min 26s
Responding To The Negative Reviews
Show Details27min 14s
Escorted Off Our Plane (Heath Hussar)
Show Details31min 28s
Addressing The Porn Star Controversy
Show Details28min 52s
Waking Up Drunk In A Bush (Zane Hijazi)
Show Details31min 4s
Starting A Spinoff Podcast
Show Details27min 5s
Crashing My $150,000 Car
Show Details26min 47s
Getting Tampons Thrown At You On Stage (WATERPARKS, Awsten Knight)
Show Details27min 25s
Secret House Warming Present
Show Details32min 54s
Finding Love In Europe
Show Details38min 57s
I'm Dating My Second Cousin
Show Details31min 14s
Performing In Front Of 13,000 People (Pluko)
Show Details28min 14s
Held In Immigration Jail
Show Details28min 27s
Handy On An Airplane
Show Details30min 59s
Wasting $100,000 On A Car
Show Details29min 26s
Guests Are Finally Back! (Pierson Wodzynski)
Show Details31min 5s
Best Man At Wedding
Show Details26min 23s
The Reason We Stopped Our Podcast..
Show Details29min 15s
Driving Ducati Motorcycle Into Pool
Show Details29min 48s
Announcing Life Changing News
Show Details30min 30s
Going To Istanbul For Surgery
Show Details32min 30s
Betting $31,000 On Roulette
Show Details25min 44s
Moving To LA & Losing $13,000 (John Castro)
Show Details28min 35s
Flat Tire In The Desert
Show Details28min 33s
Punched In The Face At TJ Maxx
Show Details25min 53s
Making $100,000 on AMC Stock (Graham Stephan)
Show Details32min 38s
Is This The End Of Lightweights?
Show Details33min 14s
Moving To Arizona
Show Details23min 56s
Addressing Going To Jail
Show Details37min 22s
Stealing His Restaurant Concept (Jonah Antonyan)
Show Details23min 49s
Starting A Protein Company
Show Details29min 12s
Meeting Salt Bae In Beverly Hills (Jason Nash)
Show Details26min 47s
Mom Waxes Embarrassing Body Part
Show Details26min 38s
Naked and Afraid (Forrest Galante)
Show Details41min 40s
They Sent A Cease And Desist (Trevor Wallace)
Show Details29min 50s
Practicing Safer Sex
Show Details29min 32s
Wild Animal Sneaks Into Our House
Show Details24min 26s
Interview With A DC Superhero (Brec Bassinger)
Show Details31min 46s
Buying Drugs From A Wendy's Drive-Thru
Show Details34min 40s
Embarrassing Tweets To Justin Bieber (Suzy Antonyan)
Show Details26min 9s
Parasailing With A Fear of Heights
Show Details24min 8s
Robbed In New York City (Hoot And A Half)
Show Details31min 48s
Crashing Car Into School Bus
Show Details31min 44s
Snorting Line Of Hot Cheetos (Matt King)
Show Details25min 43s
Running Into An Electric Fence
Show Details26min 17s
Impressionist Does Every Cartoon Character Possible (Vincent Marcus)
Show Details26min 44s
Spinning Out On The Highway At 90mph
Show Details30min 14s
Stung By A Bullet Ant (Danny Berk)
Show Details28min 29s
Betting Our Bank Account In Vegas
Show Details27min 39s
Investigating The Cecil Hotel Mystery (Brandon Rogers)
Show Details30min 55s
Sharing His Bathroom With Strangers
Show Details33min 1s
Kidnapped On The Highway
Show Details32min 47s
Buying A Billboard In The Desert
Show Details28min 5s
Getting A Lap Dance From His Mom (PodCabin)
Show Details25min 10s
Ilya’s Ex-Lover Exposes Him
Show Details30min 27s
Our First Fight (PodCabin)
Show Details26min 55s
We Bought Our First House!
Show Details27min 35s
Our First Drunk Podcast (PodCabin)
Show Details24min 51s
Racing A NASCAR over 130 MPH
Show Details31min 51s
Starting A $200,000,000 Company (Mike Rashid)
Show Details29min 11s
Fan Gets First Lightweights Tattoo
Show Details27min 35s
Bitten By A Venomous Snake (Dr. Evan Antin)
Show Details28min 5s
Losing $10,000 In One Minute
Show Details27min 42s
Leaking His Own Phone Number
Show Details29min 8s
Sending Money To Our Listeners
Show Details30min 52s