Brian Baumgartner on "The Office" Spinoff Rumors & Secrets of the Show!

Season 1 | Episode 267
1h 0m | May 20, 2024

Brian Baumgartner AKA Kevin Malone of The Office joins Lightweights Podcast! As a MASSIVE Office fan, this will forever be one of my favorites! Not only does Brian look incredible but he has a new Barbecue Cookbook out! Brian spills the chili on scenes and secrets I never heard anyone speak about prior! We talk chili, CPR training, Prison Mike, boat cruise, and the new The Office spinoff that is in the works. Will he be involved?

I hope I did the fandom justice and hope you enjoyed. If you did, let me know in the comments!


Leave a review saying "wow joe this was incredible youre talented" if you enjoyed this audio and if you want more :) Love you guys!!! LIGHTWEIGHTS FOREVER!

Episode 267

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