Let’s Try Adulting

Hi! I'm Kerra! I'm a lifestyle blogger and podcaster. I want to help you through those adulting moments: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the moments that make it worth it. My mission is to cultivate a space to learn and grow as an adult through trial, error, and shared experiences.

We ask questions. We make mistakes. And most importantly, we grow as humans. There are no stupid questions or judgement here!

Join me weekly for podcasts. And biweekly on my blog

As always: Mindset is everything! Let's Try Adulting!

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Financial Freedom vs Financial Independence (to me)
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Gardening, Moving, and Ambition
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Is college worth it?
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Why I started my blog & podcast
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Resumes, Cover Letters, and Careers
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6 Months Goals Check In & Updates
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Saving Money on Food
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Life Goals
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Budgeting Basics
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Phone Updates, Adulting Means to You, and Gardens
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Expressing Gratitude
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Expectations, Posting Schedule, and Catching Up
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Finding Your Footing & Protecting Your Peace
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