• Episode 32 - Misty Flanagan, Commercial Real Estate Developer and the importance of Mindset

    Today we have Misty Flanagan, co-founder and head of marketing at Elevated Development, a local Houston based residential and commercial development firm.  Misty came from a strong corporate background having worked for a Fortune 500 general contractor firm before diving into her real estate career.  What I found so fascinating about Misty is not only what she has accomplished in a relatively short time frame in multiple areas such as development, marketing and fund raising, but also how focused she is developing the right mindset and surround her herself with partners to help her excel in this business.  As she become more successful, She began helping others and eventually launching her own RE coaching program called Her Mindset Matters REI, which is an affordable coaching program aimed at helping other women in real estate launch their own careers by teaching them real world techniques, how to overcome challenges and most importantly, having the correct mindset and build a supportive environment.  In addition, she also started her wholesale business as well as a remodeling business to help other investors rehab and repair their properties.  In this episode, we’ll discuss how she and her partners started with no experience to developing multifamily properties and running four separate businesses at the same time.  If you want to learn more about Misty, see the show notes below for her contact information and links to her websites.

    Email: misty@guidewayinvestmentpartners.com





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    1h 35m | Nov 17, 2020
  • Episode 31 - Grant Burwash, How to empower landlords and tenants with Landlord Credit Bureau

    Today we have Grant Burwash from Landlord Credit Bureau, which is a company based out of Toronto Canada started by a serial tech entrepreneur who was trying to solve his own problems with his rental portfolio to improve property management and rent collection. LCB is a consumer reporting agency when a landlord signs up, they can report all their rental payments to the credit bureaus and it would positively help tenants build their credit or on the other hand, if they miss payments, negatively impact their credit scores just like banks and credit card companies report payments for car loans, mortgages and medical bills. The ultimate goal empower both landlords and tenants and improve communications and help both parties more responsible. Grant is the VP of business development at LCB, and is himself is a successful real estate investor with a portfolio in US and Canada. He has a lot of Texas ties from his times living in Houston and graduated with a MBA from UT McComb Business School. You can find more about them at landlordcreditbureau.com and you can reach Grant at gburwash@landlordcreditbureau.com.

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    47m | Nov 1, 2020
  • Episode 30 - Michael Seago, 25 Years of Investing in Houston

    Today we have Michael Seago, a local investor and broker who has been investing in the great Houston area for more than 25 years. As he mentioned during the introduction, Michael graduated from Texas A&M and got a business degree from Houston Baptist University. He went on to become the CFO for a multimillion dollar company before following his passion into real estate. What impressed me about Michael is not only his wealth of knowledge from years of investing and but his passion for sharing information and helping others in the real estate business in every stage of investing, everything from acquisition, due diligence, rehab, as well as property management, which sometimes is the hardest part. Michael not only shared a lot of golden nuggets about his investment and property management philosophies but also what drives him is helping others to succeed in this business. He knows what’s like to be a RE investor and always has his clients best interest in mind. I was really impressed with all the ancedotes he shared and example of recent deals he and his clients have done in the last six to eight month during the pandemic.

    Email: mseago@consolidated.net

    Phone: 832-439-8668

    Bayou City Living

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    1h 7m | Oct 14, 2020
  • Episode 29 - Evan Trinidad, What's Tourlie?

    Today we have Evan Trinidad, President and co-founder of Tourlie. What’s Tourlie you might ask. Tourlie is a new start-up company that helps busy real estate agents with showings and open houses and also provide extra income other agents who has time and looking to do some side hustles. It’s almost like Uber/Lyft concept but for real estate showings. Some brief background on Evan, he was born and raised in Austin TX and has a bachelor degree in finance from UT Austin McCombs School of business. He cofounded Tourlie with Robert Johnson in 2019. If you want to learn about Tourlie, you can find their website and social media information below.

    Website link: www.tourlie.com

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tourlie/?viewAsMember=true

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TourlieTours

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tourlie_tours/

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    40m | Sep 27, 2020
  • Episode 28 - Howard Wang, Multifamily Syndication First Deal 225-Units!

    Today we have Howard Wang from Alpha One Capital to share some of his experience in the multifamily real estate syndication world. As you'll hear in our conversation, Howard has a very impressive background. He worked in private equity consulting firm and performed valuation for over $600m of transactions. Then he started his own RE investment career about 8 years ago, and quickly grew from single-family investments to his portfolio today that consists of 529 units of apartment in Houston, TX and Atlanta, GA, and over 75,000 square feet of Class A shopping center in Houston as well. Not only that, Howard received his engineering degree from the University of McGill in Montreal, Canada, and an MBA from Rice University. So he speaks French, English and Chinese fluently and he is also a Level III candidate of Chartered Financial Analyst. In our conversation, we talked about how he transitioned from single family to multifamily investments, as well as some of the challenges he had over the course of this investment career and talked in-depth about a recent syndication projects that he's working on. If you want to learn about Howard or his projects. You can reach him at a1capitalgroup.com or call him at 832-815-9167.

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    1h 12m | Sep 13, 2020
  • Episode 27 - Christine Lin, Title Insurance Overview and Costs

    Today we have Christine Lin from Fidelity National Title to shed some light on what title companies do during the real estate transactions in Texas and also what to look for in Schedule A through D of the Title commitment documents, and most importantly what are some of the state regulated fees vs. other negotiable fees.  She also offered some tips on how to save money on title insurance costs on future transactions as well some examples of difficult title situations that she came across during her many years of experience.  We didn’t get a chance to cover the COVID related updates on this call.  But Christine and her team at Fidelity has dramatically improved the closing process for buyers and sellers to work remotely during the transactions.  To find out more about the remote notary options as well as any other title related questions, please contact Christine at 713-779-7779 or email her at closing@fidelity88.com .  Lastly, this was recorded with Jimmy Lam who is also the broker at Acres Realty where they are creating a education series for new realtors and we’re very glad to be sharing the content on this podcast to reach and educate our landlord association members as well. 

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    54m | Jul 11, 2020
  • Episode 26 - Sam Yee, Multifamily SBL Lending at CBRE

    This was one of the last episodes we recorded before COVID. Sam Yee is a Vice President on the Debt and Structured Finance team at CBRE, focused on small balance apartment lending in Houston and across the US. During his time at the firm, CBRE funded over $2 billion in small multifamily loans and in 2017 became the nation’s top SBL lender. Sam has extensive experience in the servicing, underwriting and financing of commercial real estate properties.In this episode, Sam shared his experience in the lending world, why you should get a lender involved as early as possible and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls in the financing process.  Please stay tuned in the end where Sam will share some of favorite hobbies and interesting  traveling destinations. If you want to reach out to Sam to get the latest market conditions and COVID impact or to talk about your projects and goals, you can reach him at Samuel.yee@cbre.com. Please enjoy my conversation with Sam. 

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    1h 15m | Jun 20, 2020
  • Episode 25 - Vivian Khai, 2020 Tax Preparation for Realtors

    Vivian Khai is a CPA and has a MBA from University of Houston. She has a very extensive professional background in accounting, project management, and software training on Microsoft Office products for small businesses and accountants. For the last seven and half years, she has been running her own tax preparation firm here in Houston and has a lot of clients who are realtors and other real estate related professionals. In our conversation with Vivian, she gave us a lot of good tips on how to organize our expenses, saves on taxes for the remainder of 2020 as well as updates on stimulus checks and PPP loans. I would highly encourage you to give her a call and check out her website if you have questions on your real estate related taxes because she does free consultations and would be more than happy to chat.


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    46m | Jun 14, 2020
  • Episode 24 - Huy Nguyen, eXp Realty What To Do As A New Agent

    Today’s guest is Huy Nguyen from eXp Realty and one of the longest standing members of the Landlord Association.  This conversation was hosted by Jimmy Lam where the three of us shared our experiences from both a part-time and full-time real estate agents’ perspectives.  As many of you know, Huy transitioned from a W2 job to being a full-time real estate investor and agent about five years ago.  He shared some of his struggles and how he overcame them to today where he’s completing 50-60 deals per year.  He also shared a lot of good insights about what it takes to become a successful agent and how to look for a good agent as a real estate investor.

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    43m | Jun 7, 2020
  • Episode 23 - Na Guo, COVID update from a Houston RE developer

    This is a follow-up interview with our guest from the last episode, Na Guo of River Bridge Investments who develops residential and mixed-use projects here in Houston. She gave us an update on the townhouse projects in Independence Heights and her two new projects in the Medical Center and Conroe.  We’ll talk about some of the financing hurdles as well as regulatory and permitting issues that she had to overcome during this period. Towards the end, Na is also going to give us a glimpse of her personal investment philosophy om electrical vehicles and commodities which I found very interesting. So definitely stay tuned for that . If you are interested in learning more about Na or her projects, you can reach her at na@riverbridgeinvestments.biz.

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    38m | May 24, 2020
  • Episode 22 - Na Guo, Ground-Up Development in Houston

    Today we have an interview with Na Guo from River Bridge Investments who specializes in ground-up developments. This was also  recorded before COVID.  And like what we did with Nikhil on the commercial retail side, hopefully we can bring Na back to give us an update on how the pandemic has affected the real estate business from a developer’s perspective.  In terms of her background, even though Na is a relatively young investor, she has already completed many projects in very competitive areas in Houston because of her vision, tenacity and hard work.  As you’ll hear, before COVID, she was working on a development project in the Independent Heights area which has really blown up in the last 2 or 3 years.  She talked about how she identified the project, how she financed it, and what can investors can expect in terms of returns for that kind of risk profile. If you are interested in learning more about her latest projects, you can reach her at na@riverbridgeinvestments.biz.  Alright, hope you enjoy my conversation with Na Guo.

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    42m | May 17, 2020
  • Episode 21 - Nikhil Shah, Retail Sector COVID Update

    Today we have a follow up episode with Nikhil Shah from SGRE Capital, whose business model is purely focused on buy, value-add, and sell commercial retail properties in the Houston and Dallas areas.  We brought him back to give us an update on how the retail sector is holding up relative to other real estate asset classes as well as get his future outlook on where the opportunities might be post-pandemic.

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    33m | May 2, 2020
  • Episode 20 - Nikhil Shah from SGRE Capital, how to succeed in commercial retail space

    Nikhil Shah is a founder of SGRE Capital, which focuses on the commercial retail space in the greater Dallas and Houston areas. Before SGRE Capital, Nikhil has done more than $1b of transactions at GE Capital and has 6yrs of energy investment experience at Enron.  Today, Nikhil and his team focuses on value-added retail and neighborhood shopping malls. In this episode, he explains what does it mean as value-add operators, how he found assets that big operators didn’t want; difference in financing with other real estate assets  and the level of success he achieved in his projects. If you are interested in learning more about retail RE investment opportunities, you can get in touch with Nikhil at nshah@sgrecapital.com

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    1h 6m | Apr 25, 2020
  • Episode 19 - askJimmy (COVID-19 update edition)

    Today, Jimmy is going to give us an update on his portfolio as an example and a glimpse of the market conditions.  He also mentions how he is dealing with some of the tenants who are struggling to pay rent and how his group is leveraging the SBA loan programs.

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    47m | Apr 13, 2020
  • Episode 18 - Thaison Hua, Importance of Legal Protections

    Hello everyone, welcome back to new season of the Landlord Association podcast.  Today we episode 18 that has been long overdue. This was a recording from our last meet-up in February with featuring Thaison Hua and a founding member of the Hua Law Group.  Thaison is a fantastic young attorney here in Houston that provides legal services on LLC formations; real estate syndication, contract draft/review, franchising, copyright, trademarks and some litigation work among others. In this episode, you’ll hear us discuss anything from series LLCs, trusts, Wyoming entities, and even discussing how to start a new CBD business. He was very forthcoming and share some great stories and practicable advice. If you want to learn more about Thaison, you can reach him at yourtexasllc.com or 713-300-5075.

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    1h 34m | Mar 16, 2020
  • Episode 17 - AskJimmy about late rent, pet deposit, ozone machines and much more!

    Today we have another Ask Jimmy session that was recorded on a webinar and converted into a short podcast.   We’re hoping that in the future, we can host live webinars online, have Q&A sessions to answer questions, host guests online instead of in-person meet-ups, presentations, excel tutorials, the possibilities are endless. So we’re very excited.  In this session, Jimmy answered questions about late payments, HVAC repair, pet deposits, ozone machine, section 8 and much more. Hope you enjoy!

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    16m | Nov 6, 2019
  • Episode 16 - David Williams & David Hoke, HML from Red Door Funding

    Today we have David Williams and David Hoke from Red Door Funding, a Houston based hard money lender focused on helping real estate investors for more than a decade and have done thousands of deals. They went over the basics of what is hard money lending, also the different products they have for fix-n-flippers and buy-n-hold landlord investors; as well as what they look for in a successful deal in terms of estimated repair bids, how the ARV was calculated to really vet the deal. And lastly why it’s important to have good mentors especially when you’re starting out. Hard money certainly isn’t for everyone and every situation, but it’s another alternative for funding and can be used successively if you have done your homeworks.  If you want to learn more about Red Door Funding, see their contact information below:


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    52m | Oct 14, 2019
  • Episode 15 - Lance Langenhoven Commercial Properties with No Overnight Tenants and Kiva.org!

    This is a recording from our September monthly meeting last Thursday. We invited Lance Langenhoven, who is a commercial real estate broker who has done more than $150M of transactions in the Houston area. This is not a typical presentation about apartments and multi-families. Lance focuses on properties that doesn’t have ‘overnight’ tenants, that includes office spaces, land, RV and boat storages. As he explains it, when you have tenants that go home at night, you have less complaints and less toilets to fix at night. I apologize in advance for the length of this podcast but Lance went through a great overview of his strategies and four real-life case studies from his personal investments that follows these principals. Also, at the end of the presentation, he had a surprise for us and gave away hat and t-shirts for a great cause that he’s raising awareness for and that’s Kiva.org, which is a microlending platform that lends as little as $25 to farmers and small businesses in third world countries and transforming peoples lives. So if you get one thing out of this podcast, please go check out Kiva.org and joins Lance’s team to help him achieve his goals.


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    1h 58m | Sep 30, 2019
  • Episode 14 - John Hernandez, Maximize Cash Flow with Rooms for Rent

    We have a great episode for you this week.  We met up with John Hernandez from Houston Rooming Houses to talk about his investing experience and how he differentiates himself from other investors with an unique investment style that specializes in buying fixer-uppers and turning them into rooms for rent that really maximizes the cash flow per property as well as help revitalize properties and neighborhoods and transforming peoples lives by providing stable housing.  He’ll get into his target demographics, buying criteria, and what are some of the hurdles or challenges about renting by room. Even though this may not be a strategy for everyone especially beginners, but if you have right coach, mentor or partners and really focus your energy, this can be really profitable way to invest. John also talks about what he learned from his master minds and mentors like and how he has a clear vision to expand his business by 10x in the next 5 years!  I was blown away by his knowledge and am sure you’ll have a ton of take-aways too. If you want to learn more about John and his company, please visit roominghouse.net. As he mentioned, he also has a book out called Buyer & Seller Beware!: Real Estate Questions You Need To Know As A Buyer And As A Seller. It’s available on Amazon and in Kindle format.

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    44m | Sep 20, 2019
  • Episode 13 - #askJimmy

    Today we have another Q&A session with Jimmy Lam, the president of the Landlord Association, to answer some of the questions posted on our Facebook page.  We always get great questions from our members and so Jimmy is here to give his perspectives.

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    12m | Sep 13, 2019
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