La Chismosa Diaries

Just your friendly neighborhood chismosa serving you all the tea surrounding sex, relationships, self-care, and navigating creative spaces as bomb ass POC. We all love gossiping with our girls over drinks so here’s your go-to spot to get real about our unique and shared experiences as we navigate the world as creatives, artists, and human beings. Plus, a lil juicy chisme sesh is always good for the soul you can trust THAT ✨

Hosted by Arman Alvarado @armi_alv. Connect with the podcast on IG @lachismosadiaries. Interested in advertising on the show? Email me at

Cover Art by @maddyasma

Intro Music by @lakeyinspired


To Love Is To Be Vulnerable
Show Details28min 38s
I Got It From My Mama ✨
Show Details33min 11s
Show Up For Yourself, Period.
Show Details34min 4s
La Chismosa Diaries Trailer
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