KJG Ep. 16: Is Kawhi Leonard a real possibility for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

43m | Apr 5, 2018
Like usual, we broke down the Cavs last week of games. The Cavs won all four of their games this past week, ending the week with an impressive win over the Toronto Raptors. With wins over the Hornets, Pelicans, and Mavs, we dissect each of the Cavaliers four wins. Following that, we hit our hot topics. Our first hot topic is the Cavaliers and their rotational. The Cavaliers have had an interesting rotation with an array of injuries giving different players big minutes. Jeff Green, who went from virtually out of the rotation to starting and playing a few games of 40+ minutes, is just one example of how the Cavs sporadic rotation has been influencing their personnel. After that detailed discussion, we look deeper into what a Kawhi Leonard trade would look like. Should the team trade the Brooklyn Nets first-round pick for the injured superstar? There are quite a bit of factors that go into it and if the Cavs even have the assets is a huge question mark also. Kawhi trade scenarios are the last of our hot topics. From there, we pick up our fact-or-fiction segment. With four questions, be sure to let us know if you got them all correct without looking them up. Before ending our sixteenth episode, we take a look at the next slate of games for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs end their season with two games against New York and then a game each against the Wizards and 76ers.
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